OnePlus Buds Pro Test

We check out the latest headphones from OnePlus – the OnePlus Buds Pro model equipped with smart ANC and some interesting extras. Is this equipment worth your attention?

You can’t complain about the lack of in-ear headphones on the market. Each manufacturer wants to have its own brand, preferably one that will become an indispensable pair for a smartphone from the same stable. Such headphones are to be the latest OnePlus Buds Pro equipped with a smart ANC system. What makes them stand out and what do we think of them?

Appearance and performance

In the characteristic OnePlus box (white and red colors) we find the headphones in a case, a short USB cable, a set of silicone earbuds and documentation. The case looks pretty good, but the essentials – the headphones – look even better. The dimensions of the case are 60.1mm x 49.1mm x 24. 9mm, and the dimensions of the headphones are 32mm x 23.2mm (weight: 4.35g). The case has a special button used to pair the headphones with your device. When you pull the headphones out of the case, if they are already paired, they connect instantly to your phone or tablet, especially if you are using a OnePlus phone. During our testing, we checked out the headphones using the OnePlus Nord 2 5G, Realme 7 5G and the Huawei MatePad tablet.

It would be easy to write that they resemble the AirPods Pro from Apple’s stable, but OnePlus is simply following the proven and popular models. On the market we can find headphones (And cases) white, with more shine, and black, matte. The plastic from which the headphones are made is of good quality. The headphones themselves should fit your ears without any problems (it’s worth to change the overlay, if necessary). Basic commands (volume change, on/off or mode selection) are done by pressing the bottom part (headband) of the headphone. The headphones support IP55 (sweat and water) standards.

Technologies used

Let’s start with the solutions that the company boasts about. As mentioned, the headphones feature an intelligent ANC system that drowns out unwanted sound frequencies in real time, such as ambient noise or background conversations, adjusting the noise cancellation level accordingly. Both headphones feature a set of three microphones that actively filter noise levels up to 40 dB when needed. OnePlus claims that this solution is supposed to be better than fixed noise cancellation levels. As is the case with ANC, the partial feeling, from using this technology, depends on our subjective experience. Comparing to other headphones on the market, the ANC in the Buds Pro should be considered as much as possible – most users will be satisfied.

Despite the noise cancellation algorithms and mechanical wind noise reduction design, the OnePlus Buds Pro does not offer crystal clear calls if you are outside in a windy situation. In a room, car, or conference room, you won’t have problems. Outside? In some usage scenarios, a software update would come in handy. The latter is done from the HeyMelody app if you don’t have a OnePlus phone. The app will come in handy to, among other things, change the headphones’ handling settings, noise cancellation settings, select equalizer settings, and use OnePlus Audio ID, a calibrated sound profile meant to adapt to the user’s sensitivity.

The headphones use Bluetooth 5.2, offering a range of about 10 meters in theory (in practice, there will be no problems in an apartment). The Budsy Pro can only actively pair with one device.

The hardware has an additional mode Zen Mode Air – running in the background, chosen by us from the apk level, a relaxing sound (several to choose from). The idea is to ensure a temporary disconnection from the outside world while working, studying, or if you need to focus. In these days of working from home, it is an interesting idea, although its practical use depends on our subjective taste and level of concentration.


During our tests, we listened to music from Spotify and YouTube Music, watched movies on streaming services and made a few phone calls. The Buds Pro’s musical “ability” is surprisingly good, even in the bass. For this price shelf, that’s a positive surprise. For movies and gaming, there are no major complaints either. Latency was effectively unheard of. Everything plays as it should.


The headphones run about 7 hours without ANC and less than 5 hours with ANC. The case offers – in total – 38 hours of battery charge. If you charge the case for 10 minutes with a suitable charger, you get a battery total that will charge the headphones for about 10 hours of operation (without ANC). The case can also be charged wirelessly. In short: the battery work of the Buds Pro should be considered sufficient, well representing the level of good headphones for this money.

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