Online photo editor Avatan Plus (Avatan) – free and social

Online photo editor Avatan Plus (Avatan) - free and social

If you need to quickly create a cool collage of photos without installing a third-party application, it is best to use the online photo editor Avatan Plus (Avatan), which will be discussed in this publication of the site IT Technic.

Avatan logo

Social “Photoshop”

In recent years, many web applications have appeared on the web that allow you to process images. Many of them are in Russian and have an intuitive appearance. The free unusual photo editor Avatan Plus stands out among this mass. It unites hundreds of thousands of users who can share their works, leave comments, and subscribe to other users’ updates.

In addition, people can create their own textures, backgrounds, and stickers, which can then be used by everyone else.

There is a simplified version of the service (without social cramps) and authorization. You just go to and quickly change your pictures.

But I decided to pay special attention to the advanced version.

  • In order to get access to all the features of the resource, you must go through a simple registration procedure. To do this, click on the link in the upper right corner, then fill out the form, or log in through the social networking site Vkontakte:
Avatan Plus registration form
  • Now we come up with a nickname (the name on the site) and can get to work.

  • We are immediately offered to add an effect. It is worth clicking on the “Open Photo”:

  • After a few seconds, the free Avatan Plus online photo editor loads, and we find ourselves at the first step – here it is realistic to make auto-corrections to the levels of brightness, contrast, saturation; to crop the image, resize it, rotate it. As soon as you’re done, click “Next” (the button at the top right):

First step of editing an Avatan Plus image
  • And here comes the most interesting moment – there is an opportunity to apply filters, apply frames, stickers and other effects. The choice is very big, so I will not make screenshots of all the functions, but show them in the video (see at the end of the review):
Tabs with Avatan+ tools

I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Save” button. It allows you to create an effect and save it for the future, if you want to process subsequent pictures in the same way.

The main features are

Let’s move on to a more detailed breakdown of the tabs that Photoshop Avatan Plus social photo editor contains:

  • Basics – opens by default and contains sub-items related to changing exposure, levels, color indicators, sharpness. By moving the controls left and right, you can observe the correction of the image;
  • Filters – The name speaks for itself. There are a number of effects with more specific settings to turn the photo into a real masterpiece – soften it, make it clearer, black and white, etc.;
  • Text – Here everything is clear: write the necessary set of characters, choose the size and type of font, its color. If you want to remove the inscription, just click on it and press Del on your keyboard;
  • Textures – You don’t have them by default. You can download them from other sites, use the textures of other Avatan Plus users online or download them from your computer;
  • Stickers, Frames – As in the previous point, you won’t have such elements to choose from at first; you can create your own or use objects borrowed from other Avatan users;
  • Retouch – is an interesting tool for portraits. It allows you to remove imperfections on the skin, smooth out the picture, remove glare. There is a lot of interesting chips, with which you can even pick up your hair color, makeup type, correct your appearance.
Avatan Retouching Capabilities

When you are done with the “transformation” – click on “Save”, choose the quality of the final result, specify a name. You can, by the way, set the maximum “weight” of the file, as well as its size, if you have certain restrictions:

Downloading a file to your PC in Avatan

In addition to downloading to your computer, you can upload it directly to the album Avatan Plus, open access to it and share the work with subscribers.

And here is the promised review in video format. Fans of Catherine Zeta-Jones are in for a surprise (pleasant or not you decide):

As you can see, anyone can use the unusual Avatan Plus photo editor online for free. It is enough to go through an instant registration procedure and after a couple of seconds you can already process any image.

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