OSU Discord: top 10 best servers, their descriptions and features, how to join

Messenger Discord works with various music formats and services. “OSU” is a music type game with an unusual mode and structure. By the name you can find specialized services Discord, which allows you to find like-minded players, exchange experiences, chat, get answers to questions and just have a good time. You can choose from those that are most often used by other players.



This is a server that runs in Discord with the music game “OSU”. You can join by following the link https://discord.com/invite/ppy. The user needs to enter the username and password from a valid Discord account. After that, the user will need to study the list of available commands.

Attention! The developer is constantly improving the project. There are new features and working commands. A separate channel is created for each conversation, where users can communicate without disturbing other players.


osu! #russian

You can start playing “OSU” with the Russian-speaking group. You can join the community at the link https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/35. On the page there are blocks with various conversations – tips on the game, questions and problems, forum rules, requests from other users, recommendations from experienced users, entertainment topics.


Der Apfelgarten

You can find a detailed description of the developer at https://discord-server.com/ru/755133859380854945. This is the standard page of the Discord servers, where the user can see the attached tags, block characteristics, the number of participants (online and entered into the group).


– BRUH -.

A server to play “OSU”, available at https://discord-server.com/ru/843578062485848065. A page familiar to Discord users – position among the servers, the number of online and offline conversations, the category (in this case “Anime”). The user can leave feedback on the team of administrators and the conversation as a whole or join the community.


Order Of Saints

You can join the user team by going to https://discord-server.com/ru/578638536438185997. The site provides general information about the group – an interesting story about the software developer, the position in the overall ranking of similar communities, a list of used tags, a list of games, which is discussed by the participants.

Attention! Presented page will help to go to other similar groups. If you delete the values after the last slash, the search for Russian-speaking groups opens. If you erase RU, the search will be expanded.


| osu!community

You can become a member of the server through the address https://discord.io/osuhangoutspot. The page contains a detailed description of the server, as well as the ability to purchase additional bonuses for coins (the standard currency of players and users of such servers). In addition, information is displayed on the number of participants – joined the community previously and acting in online conversations.


Klee – Server

This resource is available to members at https://top.gg/bot/769699482899709983. The site – just like the other Discord servers – provides a general description of the service, some player feedback, a button with an invitation to join. Users need to click, enter their username and password from their messenger account, then start chatting. Users can share plans, experiences, and various photos and videos.



Starting a conversation is activated at https://discord-server.com/de/723442393734447124. Community tags are osu, genshin impact, anime and manga. The participant can find other similar groups for communication using these designations. To join, press the “Sign In” key, then type in your Discord account credentials.



The group is available at https://server-discord.com/303191733536030721. The site contains generalized information on the service – the number of people who have joined, the owner’s coding, tags, and comments from the participants. To start, click on “Join”, then follow the same steps as described above. The conversation cannot be clicked without a valid Discord account.



On the Discord servers site, the community address is https://discord-server.com/ru/710154931839041547. The user has access to data on the search commands, buttons “Login” and “Reviews”, other characteristics and indicators. The language of the community is Russian. Resource was created for Russian-speaking players, so difficulties in registration and communication will not arise.

“OSU” is a music application, entertainment in the form of a game. To exchange impressions, experiences, to find like-minded people, to gather a team, you can find a suitable group with similar interests.


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