Overheating phone: what to do Android Samsung and the causes of the problem

The smartphone is a device with which users interact on a daily basis, and therefore comfort is very important when using the gadget. It is determined by the performance of the gadget and a host of other parameters, including the temperature of the body. If you have an overheated phone and you do not understand what to do with the Android OS on “Samsung” to lower the temperature, we offer to read the information about the normal indicators and ways to solve the problem.

Normal phone temperature

In standard usage mode, the temperature of the smartphone body exceeds the room temperature by only a couple of or three degrees. The standard readings are 25-30 °C, and at these the user does not feel discomfort, as the body temperature does not exceed 37 °C.

As you have already guessed, the discomfort begins when the case heats up to 40 °C and above. If you manage to register these readings, do not panic. This is a normal temperature, provided that the gadget is actively used at the moment.

However, even in this case, the rise in temperature to 50 °C becomes not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Therefore, it is important to understand as soon as possible the causes of overheating and identify ways to reduce the temperature.

Causes of overheating and how to deal with it

There are many factors that influence the appearance of overheating. On why exactly the temperature of the smartphone became too high, depends on how it can potentially be lowered. We recommend studying all the existing materials.

Overheating phone what to do android samsung

External heating

Of course, overheating of the case can be caused by elevated temperatures from the outside. And, although it may seem that in such a situation you can’t do anything and no measures need to be taken, such judgments are erroneous. Smartphones should be used within a temperature range of 0-40 °C.

Of course, you’re unlikely to be in a place where the air temperature exceeds 40 °C, but remember that it’s not just about the ambient temperature, but also about the object on which the smartphone is lying. So don’t place it on heaters or other things that can cause it to overheat.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Active use

The most common cause of overheating occurs when the device is actively used. The battery is actively consuming charge and the processor is working at high speed. Therefore, if you want to use your smartphone with the maximum level of comfort, try not to run a large number of applications and pause during operation.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Poor connection to the cellular operator’s network

Increased processor loads can be caused not only by active operation on the part of the owner, but also by tasks that are carried out in the background. In particular, when the phone has poor network reception and struggles to connect to the strongest tower.

If you are on the road, where the connection is poor, it is recommended to activate the mode “On the plane”.

You can do this through the control center (notification bar), as well as through the phone settings in the appropriate section.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Charging your smartphone

The phone body heats up not only under load, but also during charging. This is especially strong with devices that are charged with high power adapters, as well as during wireless charging.

In principle, the energy recovery process itself is safe. The smartphone has special connectors that adjust the power depending on the temperature of the case. Anyway, when the phone is on charge, it is not recommended to actively use it. You can read messenger messages or watch videos, but you shouldn’t play games or, for example, edit videos.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Simultaneous operation of wireless modules

Even if you do not load your smartphone with complex tasks, it can still heat up under the influence of background processes, as we mentioned in passing earlier. It’s worth noting that background processes include not only mobile network search, but also the operation of other wireless interfaces:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • NFC;
  • GPS.

The work of the GPS-module especially loads the processor. Also, the constant search for available Wi-Fi networks affects the temperature of the case. But Bluetooth and NFC never cause overheating. Therefore, try to minimize the use of mobile data, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Or at least don’t activate all interfaces at once.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Errors in the operating system and applications

In the work of a smartphone often malfunctions, which in turn affects the temperature of the case, as when errors occur, the device actively seeks methods to eliminate them. To avoid this factor affecting the temperature of the case, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of experts. They, in particular, recommend installing applications only through trusted stores (e.g., Play Market), as well as not to visit suspicious resources on the Internet.

overheating phone what to do android samsung


Smartphones, like computers, are susceptible to viruses. They are malicious software that run in the background and monitor the user’s actions. Consequently, they heat up the device itself, burdening its processor.

But the main thing here is not even the heat, but the danger that viruses pose. And that is why you need to get rid of them in every possible way. For example, with antivirus software like Kaspersky Internet Security, Avast or Dr.Web. Simply open the appropriate program, run the scan, and confirm the removal of any detected malicious files.

overheating phone what to do android samsung

Defect or breakage

Finally, it’s possible that your phone is warming up due to a factory defect. Especially if the device was purchased recently. However, do not assume that this is the only factor affecting the overheating of your new smartphone. Also, the temperature increase can be due to the outdated chipset process or savings on the passive cooling system. And to solve such a problem you can only replace the device.

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