Pentagon examines dark scenario for Zombie Apocalypse

The military must constantly be on full alert and prepared for the worst and strangest scenarios that could play out on the streets of American cities in the wake of CoVID-19.

The Pentagon, CDC and FEMA are taking very seriously the threat from the CoVID-19 pandemic itself, as well as what will happen during the upcoming mass vaccinations. Experts from all agencies are weighing the possibility of a deteriorating population that could result in a massive civil war we never even dreamed of.

A 37-page document with the enigmatic name Conplan 8888 has been produced for such a turn of events. Unlike the book published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a few years ago, which is a sort of survival guide for the masses, the Pentagon’s plan is a five-phase military strategy to restore order after a conflict erupts.

Conplan 8888 includes detailed descriptions of all varieties of zombies, along with ways to deal with and neutralize them. And so the documentary treats the traditional pathogenic zombies, or disease carriers, the living dead altered by occult magic, and the less threatening vegetarian zombies.

This all sounds like a good script for an action movie, and the existence of such a plan, to ordinary people, seems like pure fiction, yet it has been made. Let’s all hope and keep our fingers crossed that the need for it never arises, because the world will turn into a veritable hell, which we can often see in games.

Experts at the Pentagon, the CDC, and FEMA, however, are keeping their finger on the pulse. While it’s unlikely that public sentiment will deteriorate so much next year that people will take to the streets en masse, there’s already a big threat that the very course of CoVID-19 disease in different people, or the very act of receiving the vaccine, as a side effect, could lead to brain damage and the onset of mental illnesses that turn people into zombies.

Recently, we have been hearing about more and more people, and in virtually all countries of the world, who are struggling with serious mental problems, both from having CoVID-19 disease and from isolation and deteriorating material conditions. The new mRNA-based vaccines from Pfizer, BioNTech or Moderna are the first ever such specifics that have not been fully tested and it is still unclear what side effects they will have.

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