Pezet: That life was not an adult one

We had to wait seven years for his new album. As he admits, if he had had more time to record songs, the album would not have been made. Today, reconciled with his past and health limitations, he returns to the Polish rap music scene, claiming that he finally understood what life is really about. We invite you to an interview with Paweł Kapliński “Pezet”, whose new album will hit the stores on September 27, but even before the premiere it reached the status of a gold record.

Łukasz Piątek, Interia: – There’s a long wait for the MC.
– Because MC has this structure, mentality and character. He is insubordinate. Often, very often, he’s not interested, but sometimes he’s got too much on his mind. It may seem easy and pleasant, but in practice it is not. I explain the rest in this piece.

Are you still not getting enough sleep?

Why? The album is already recorded.

– Nervousness. Or maybe it’s just a bad habit. Now I don’t actually have to go to bed that late because the album is ready, but somehow it’s gotten so that sleep doesn’t come until four in the morning, and in three hours I have to get up for my daily chores.

During the recording of this album, there were moments when there was doubt, “Is this going to work?

– Even a few, especially in the final stages of the album. This was because the deadline for the material was approaching, so I had a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. On the other hand, I thought to myself that probably if I had more time, this album would not have been made. Because let’s be honest – it hasn’t been made for seven years out of some kind of stagnation, unwillingness or laziness.

With each of your albums you say that you are not entirely satisfied with it and that you would always improve something after its release. What about “Contemporary Music”? Compared to previous albums – is it ok for you?

– I think it’s not a bad album, which is a pretty optimistic statement for me. Nevertheless, I was away from the album for a long time and I have this belief that I managed to make an album that is a whole. Usually albums are a collection of singles, and I didn’t want that to be the case with me. I have a few tracks that aren’t on the album for various reasons including the fact that I didn’t have time to record them. On the other hand, I didn’t want to make a classic album with 20 tracks. That being said, there are plans to expand this album in the future because we have a lot of cool music and ideas left.

“Contemporary Music” is made up of classic beats and more modern contemporary ones. Was it your plan from the beginning or did you want to satisfy both younger and older fans of your work?

– Above all, I wanted to keep this album from being corny instead of catering to someone out there. And modern beats are also marketing to some extent. Certainly, there was no such concept that since the music is modern I will make a trap album based on auto-tune, because I neither know how to do it nor really want to do it. Perversely to the title of the album, I wanted the first tracks to be from the old school of rap. And then I thought to myself that since a classic beat opens the album, it should also close it.

When I heard you a few months ago on a Hemp Gru track called “Życie Warszawy 2”, I thought you were in high spirits, because your verse is very energetic. I can hear Pezet hungry for rap there.

– It’s nice what you say, but I don’t feel that this is a form that would satisfy me – even now, when the album will hit the stores in a few days. It’s not that I don’t do a good job on the new album, because I’ve said before that I’m generally quite satisfied with the album, but my character will never allow me to not have a “but” about myself.

Are you planning any other releases after “Contemporary Music”?

– Everything seems to indicate that the next album will be the Flame 81 CD, because me and Onar have already recorded part of the material. Moreover, there is an idea for a duet with one of the most popular rappers in Poland, close to me in age and, like me, from Warsaw. I can’t say anything more, because at the moment, these are just assumptions. Maybe I will reactivate Pezet – Małolat with my brother. There are many plans. As for my solo album, I don’t think I will record anything in the next two years.

Are you going on a concert tour?

– For now I am planning one, big, very special concert. I will reveal more details soon.

What do you do for a living if you play so few shows?

– Advertising collaborations, your own clothing brand.

You often get hit on the Internet for advertising different products.

– For me it’s silly that someone criticizes me about it. My view of the world changed a long time ago. These are no longer the times when you used to rap – not for fame, not for money. And if this slogan is to be up-to-date, it seems to me that it should be paraphrased and treated as breaking the system from the inside. Only in rap do we encounter the idea that an artist should work for free. It’s a curiosity.

Is this one of the better times in your life?

– I don’t know if it is. Probably not, because the best time in a person’s life is when you take a carefree approach to that life. And I don’t have that. And certainly not as much as I would like. I’m at such a stage of my life where I recall those carefree times with a feeling of tenderness. Those dozen years ago, I was sure I was living an adult life. Today, I know it hasn’t been adult.

Looking at you through the prism of your Instagram – although it’s probably a bit naïve – I have the feeling that you nevertheless have more peace of mind than in previous years.

– Because I’ve come to terms with a lot of things in my life. I have some health-related limitations, but I’ve finally accepted that. Maybe not 100 percent, but 90 percent yes. I came to terms with the facts and saw that despite these limitations a number of things can be done. And what is the most important in this story – I realized that life is about living.

Motorcycles are your new passion?

– I have always liked motorcycles. I used to ride a 125 cm one. Now I have been riding a 400 for three months.

Did you face harsh comments when you posted a photo on Instagram of you on a motorcycle wearing sneakers?

– They went after me a bit. I am just starting this adventure with motorcycles, so I have little knowledge about it. Earlier it was even worse. Once I went to Białołęka to a motorcycle rental place, never having even sat on a motorcycle before. It was a 125, so relatively small. I was wearing Vans, short shorts and a t-shirt. This is how I came back from Białołęka to Ursynów on my motorcycle, learning to change gears on the way. Nothing to brag about. There is no denying that at that time inappropriate clothing was mainly determined by the size of my wallet. Buying a motorcycle is one thing. The big expense is the whole outfit.

What will you be doing a week, a month after the release? Now is the time for promotion, interviews etc. And later?

– Knowing my life, my manager Zbigniew will flood me with various activities that I should do because “it’s the right thing to do”. Nevertheless, a week after the album’s release I am flying to Barcelona for a match against Inter Milan. Because, you know. it’s all about living.

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