Philips smartphone with the most powerful battery: rating of the top 10 best models

Philips is a Dutch technology brand known around the world. It produces a variety of phones, including push-button and touchscreen models. Many of them are present in the Russian market, and among them you can find a smartphone from Philips with the most powerful battery. So let’s find out which model of the Dutch manufacturer has the longest battery life.

Button phones

It may come as a surprise to some, but Philips push-button phones are more popular compared to classic smartphones. They also hold a charge for up to a week.


Philips Xenium E255

Model in clamshell format, which even with a small battery is able to work without recharging for 2-3 days.

Despite the simplicity of the device, the phone can be safely used in 2022. There’s memory card support on board, so you can throw in all your favorite music and listen with headphones or the built-in speaker.


  • SD card slot;
  • compact clamshell;
  • headphone jack.


  • Does not work with Wi-Fi and 3G.


Philips Xenium E109

A representative of a more familiar form factor with a loud speaker and a small battery. True, even it gives 3-4 days of battery life.

Long operating time is provided by getting rid of 3G and 4G sensors, as well as Wi-Fi. There’s also no GPS module on board, which could be a reason to refuse to buy it. But after all, the phone costs only 1,000 rubles, and that’s practically a gift for a 2022 device.


  • cheapness;
  • ergonomics;
  • autonomy.


  • The simplest stuffing without a camera.


Philips Xenium E580.

Much more advanced model, for the assembly of which even used metal. Yes, it’s combined with plastic, but the E580 feels like a solid device in your hand.

Unlike other push-button models, it has a really big battery. This is not 3-4 days, but a full week of use, taking into account the constant calls. The E580 is an option for those who value battery life.


  • Vorabank mode;
  • 2 megapixel camera;
  • Bluetooth sensor.


  • No support for modern Internet standards.


Philips Xenium E182

A similar model, but with a more democratic price. The phone costs within 3 thousand rubles, which is cheaper than any touchscreen smartphone.

The reverse charging feature remains in place. The model is equipped with a battery of enormous capacity, comparable to a 5-inch smartphone. In short, the device does not require frequent recharging.


  • large battery;
  • support of memory cards;
  • a set of necessary functions.


  • No smart features.



In 2022, a limited number of people use push-button devices, and almost everyone has switched to smartphones. So this category of devices should not be excluded either.

Philips S260

To be honest, the 2000 mAh battery is not enough to provide a whole day of active use. But the S260 still lasts longer than most competitors.

It’s an ultra-budget model that’s priced at the level of push-button phones. So S260 can be forgiven for a weak processor, and a mediocre camera. The main thing is that there is support for 4G, and more for three thousand rubles and do not need.


  • works in LTE networks;
  • It supports two SIM-cards;
  • elongated display without cuts.


  • processor;
  • quickly shuts down.


Xenium-X 588.

A completely different example of a Xenium smartphone, albeit not as relevant. It uses a huge battery for its time.

The 5000 mAh battery can still hold a charge for a long time today. And the processor can handle any task, unless we are talking about games. The phone is helped by 3 gigabytes of RAM.


  • A record-breaking battery;
  • 3 GB RAM;
  • rich package.


  • The stuffing is not suitable for gamers.


Philips Xenium S566.

A new phone with a display that has a modern drop-shaped cutout.

With a dual camera, the smartphone can take pictures with bokeh effect, albeit not of the highest quality. And the battery is capable of providing long life away from the outlet.


  • Modern design;
  • Photos with a background blur effect;
  • Supports memory cards up to 128GB.


  • Doesn’t have NFC.


Model S 386

An older model, which should be considered by those who want a display without “drops” and “bangs”.

Another feature of the device is a 5000 mAh battery. It provides phenomenal autonomy, although the filling of the S386 does not allow to make the most of the technical potential of the device in 2022.


  • Large battery;
  • fast charging;
  • HD screen.


  • Does not support 4G.


Philips Xenium S266

A more modern smartphone that is still relevant.

It has almost everything a user could need in 2022, not just a high-capacity battery. The dual camera and Wi-Fi sensor combined with 4G support are noteworthy.


  • HD display with a “blob.”
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • stable light sensor.


  • No contactless payment.


V 787 smartphone.

Another representative of the “Xenium” line completes the list. Even though the smartphone was released several years ago, it is not devoid of 4G support.

The only thing the phone lacks is an NFC chip. But there is a large battery on board for those who do not let the mobile device out of their hands for a long time.


  • enviable autonomy;
  • modern interfaces;
  • SD cards up to 128 gigs.


  • Mediocre processor.


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