Phone heats up when charging – why and what to do

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Nowadays, the smartphone is an indispensable thing. We are very upset when it has a breakdown or any malfunction. The most common defect, which appears in daily use, is considered to be overheating of the device. It is not as bad as it is described. It occurs as a result of the active work of the hardware of the gadget and in quite rare cases can lead to its complete inoperability. However, if you want to achieve correct operation from the system and prolong the service life for a long time, it is better not to allow strong heating.

phone charging

Why does my phone get warm?

Any gadget can warm up for absolutely different reasons. Perhaps the device has decided to update the system or is actively fighting some malware. Most often, when identifying and further troubleshooting, several main causes of overheating were voiced: active use of the smartphone, incorrect operation or poor quality of the charger, system garbage in the operating system. Let’s take a closer look at each of these cases.

Active use

Active use

Active and excessive use of the smartphone is probably the main cause of its overheating. When using a large number of networking technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, the system temperature increases as the load on the core increases.

Many users notice overheating while watching movies or other videos for a long time, especially if the smartphone is lying in the hands. There is no reason for particular concern, because these files can not harm the smartphone.

Problems with your charger

Problems with the charger

If your gadget heats up a lot just during charging, then the source of the problem is obvious here – the charger that has failed. In this case, in the process of resuming the charge of the battery, too much voltage is supplied, which is converted to normal with the help of special microchips on the board. They are activated and together with the voltage contribute to overheating. Another situation is when the phone has long been charged, but the user does not unplug it. Experts recommend avoiding excessively long overnight charging, as this deteriorates the battery and heats up the device itself. It is much better to do small recharges at intervals.

Problems with the OS

Problems with OS

In most cases, the smartphone begins to heat up excessively because of problems with the operating system. This implies not the assembly and quality of the software, but the amount of accumulated garbage over a long period of use. This type of garbage includes leftover data from deleted programs, cache from active use of applications, and copies of previously saved or downloaded photos and videos. In this case, the device takes a lot of time to load and perform elementary actions, therefore, it heats up more.

How to solve the problem

Phone charging in normal mode

The heating of the body of any device in the case of active use – a quite normal phenomenon. For the purpose of careful use of technology, it is better not to leave the network technology modules on for a long time, it is better to activate them as you use them. When watching any videos, it is recommended to properly fix the gadget in an upright position and periodically take a break between viewings.

Avoid unpleasant situations with poor performance of the charger helps to use an adapter from the manufacturer of your smartphone. It is recommended not to use the gadget while charging, not to use applications, not to download any files, in particular those with a large weight.

The problem with overheating due to the operating system is quite simple to solve. First, you should go to the settings of the gadget and the menu, which contains all the information about the system. There you should pay attention to the system update and the version of the available software. Most often, to do a quick cleanup, a reboot will suffice. In cases where it does not help, it is customary to use a factory reset. It will help to clear the memory of unnecessary material, but it is still recommended to save important data and files in order to avoid losing them.

If you follow the listed recommendations for eliminating overheating, you can quickly cope with the sudden problem and make the process of using the device more comfortable.

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