Phone on vacation – how to take care of it?

Before leaving for a sunny vacation, it is worth taking care of your phone to avoid faults. During the holiday it is also worth remembering the basic rules, so that we do not destroy our phone.

This year as many as 57 percent of Poles chose to vacation outside the country. The most popular destinations are Mediterranean countries – mainly Greece and Italy. According to the same study – more than 60 percent of vacationers plan to completely disconnect from work. However, this does not mean that they will leave their smartphones at home.

What to look out for?

When taking your phone with you on vacation, we need to keep in mind a few rules that will make sure your smartphone comes back from the trip whole. Depending on the place of rest, the phone is threatened by different faults – in the mountains it will be especially falls, at the sea and lakes flooding, and in warm countries overheating.

When we are on vacation, our main focus is on relaxing and not paying attention to our devices. Increased activity and number of holiday attractions makes phones more prone to malfunction than at home. To keep your device safe while on holiday, it is worth following the advice below.

Phone on the beach

While on vacation at the beach, your phone can succumb to various malfunctions that will not necessarily be repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty. Beachcombing is particularly dangerous for smartphones that do not offer waterproofing, for example, so you need to pay special attention to this and protect your smartphone from the effects of water and sand

Users very often forget to protect their phone from dust. If the smartphone does not have a case with a waterproof rating of at least IP65, you should take special care of it, said Piotr Pachota of GoRepair. Sand can easily scratch the camera lens, display glass, or get into the holes of a smartphone. – He added.

Sand scratches

The front and back casing are parts of the phone that are particularly prone to scratches. Sand, although inconspicuous, can damage your phone. To avoid this it is good to invest in a decent protective film for the display or tempered glass. The back of the phone will protect the appropriate case with plugs for charging ports.

On the market there are also original gadgets dedicated to beach lovers. One of the most popular is the so-called Beach Vault. It is a plastic container which is drilled into the sand and closed with an attached lid.


Even a slight intrusion of water can have disastrous results. If the phone has a case with at least IP67 rating, it should survive a small intrusion of liquid. However, you should not take it with you to the pool or dive into the sea, because it can end badly.

If you absolutely want to take the phone to the water then you should get the right gadget. Just the simplest transparent bag, which is tightly closed. It will allow you to use the phone without any problems, because it conducts touch and allows you to take photos on the beach.

Greasy stains

Sun bathing is a typical beach activity. Sunscreen oil is a must for this activity. While it’s good for your body, greasy stains can harm your smartphone and make it difficult to use. While relaxing, we do not pay attention to such details, but it is important to remember to protect your phone properly. By the time we realize that oil has gotten into the holes of the phone, it may be too late.

Sunscreen oil is an oily ooze that is difficult to remove from all sorts of surfaces. The same is true for cleaning the phone after oil interference. It is not enough to wipe with a cloth, in this case you will need the help of a professional service. After such a failure, the phone should be diagnosed and thoroughly checked to see which components are greasy.


The best solution would be to leave the phone in a hotel. However, it is known that nowadays a phone on vacation is indispensable – mainly due to its function as a camera. Therefore, in order to avoid a serious malfunction and a subsequent visit to the service center, you should invest in protective gadgets so that your smartphone comes out unscathed.

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