Photo caption on Instagram: rules for working with text and the coolest ideas

Social media is not only a means of communication, but a powerful tool for commerce, promotion of companies, as well as personal self-affirmation. And if a dozen years ago, authors could dabble with text and filter, today it is necessary to approach the matter more seriously. For example, on the social network Instagram, you should not ignore the content of the text, focusing only on the photo. Let’s tell you how to choose a caption to the photo and design it in Instagram.

What do they usually write under the photo?

When you need to think about the text, try, in fact, to put yourself in the place of the reader. The first questions he will ask is “what is this photo, and what does it show? For example, when you want to place a landscape, explain in the text what is caught in it, and where the reader can see with his own eyes such clouds.


If the reader is hooked on the concept and the first line of text, he will be interested in why you posted it in the first place. He will ask: “And what does it all mean. Without the text with an explanation, in fact, nothing is clear. Because the text can explain all the meaning of the picture. It is the meaning, not the content. Posting a photo with a dog and captioning it, “That’s me and my dog Totosha, we came to the countryside” is silly.

Do not deviate from the topic, as the text can even quote great people, and in general, retell what you’ve read. Users see only the first two lines of text, which means you need to catch them already there. Forget about all the “Here we were,” “Today is my day,” “Tell you a story about …”. That’s not interesting. Come up with an intriguing phrase for the text, such as, “This picture is like an old motif from the distant past.”


Rules for working with text

In addition to the practical guidelines themselves, there are rules for texting. They are needed not only for the reader, but also for search engine optimization. If you find a lot of grammatical, syntactic and semantic errors, you should not count on the top positions in search and recommendations. There are the following rules for the design of the text:

  1. Use paragraphs in the text. By default, all breaks of more than one line are glued together after publication. To fix this, use the secret space placed in quotation marks “⠀”. Put it on an empty line, actually, that’s enough.
  2. Lots of emoticons – bad, none – terrible. Once again: in Instagram do not write official letters and news (unless you’re not the media and not a politician), be easier, dilute the solid text with a fraction of funny emoticons, let the reader enjoy reading the text.
  3. You can’t use more than 30 hashtags;
  4. The maximum text size is 2200 characters (including hashtags).
  5. Love your own readers.

And in the rest the author is limited only by his own imagination. But don’t forget to study the page’s own readers. If there are only millennials (or even Generation X) among the readers, then pop texts are better not to use.


Captions for Instagram

So, since you are your own person here, you probably decided not to come up with another text and like to look for ready-made solutions. Well, we offer you texts for a variety of occasions and for a variety of readers. You can only copy the text below and please your own subscribers.

Beautiful .

Notice that a lot of the text is written in the masculine gender, keep that in mind when copying.

  1. I believe that many better things are bound to happen in the future, but those better things depend on a good present.
  2. How I love a world where you can make another person happy with your own smile. Make others happy, and maybe it will surely come back.
  3. What great days are going by. If it were possible to follow the sun all my life, I would do so, so that this day would never end.
  4. I can’t imagine why this world seems so gray to so many people. There is so much color in it, and everyone can feel like an artist.
  5. Some say that the world is based on three elephants, but I know that it is based on love and friendship.


With meaning.

A lot of irony, a moment of thought, a moment of insight. Presenting a selection of texts for lovers of philosophy.

  1. After many years of experience in friendship, I will say: friends are not those who will greet with a flattering smile, and see off a stone in the back. Even the grayest person can show himself a friend in a difficult moment.
  2. There is bound to be someone in this world who needs us. Loneliness is only a thorny path to meeting that person.
  3. Our fate depends not on luck, but on many of our aspirations and plans. But sometimes it is better to let life float free and not worry.
  4. When you start to be afraid to make mistakes a lot, you start to shun everything, you stop feeling life. Mistakes are only stepping stones on the road to perfection.
  5. Ah, how many happy smiles and friendly faces there are around. Only it’s not them that come to the rescue, it’s the ones we used to ignore.


For the guys

They say guys don’t write deep lyrics. Don’t believe it, that’s complete nonsense.

  1. A real eagle can’t feed on carrion, so a real man can’t humiliate the weak and fallen.
  2. A man raised by the street would never betray his friends.
  3. Only many of the weak are capable of judging strength by the size of their muscles. The strong know that strength lies in a person’s soul and spirit.
  4. You can’t forget where you grew up. You forget that, you forget your family, you forget the meaning of your own existence.
  5. This world will not wait for me to get out of my comfort zone. It demands results now (suitable for photos from training).


About success

You may not be successful yet, but you need to believe in it and encourage your readers. A selection of texts for enterprising individuals.

  1. Believe in yourself and let others believe.
  2. It’s funny, there’s usually a lot of people who say I’m not going to make it, people who have never tried to believe in success.
  3. Two friends once made a wish to find success. Years later, one of them got it, and the other was left with nothing. Did he visualize the goals wrong? No, he believed a lot only in hope, while the first believed in knowledge, improvement, and self-development. Remember, it is important not only to believe in yourself, but also to dare. Dare, only those who didn’t decide to do it themselves in their own time will judge.
  4. “I’ll do it tomorrow,” the promising young man told himself many times before he became a poor old man. Dare now, before it’s too late.
  5. Just two hours of self-development a day can make people successful individuals. The comfort zone is not a verdict, but only a test that many people give up on.


About Travel

For romantics and travel lovers.

  1. It’s so tempting to get lost one day somewhere in Paris.
  2. Some people are lucky enough to see the whole world in 80 days, but I dream of at least one trip. That’s probably a lot to ask, but I’ll have faith.
  3. If you could drop everything, point your finger at the globe and go on vacation to your chosen country, instead of all this.
  4. Sometimes I don’t understand why an angel like me wasn’t born in Los Angeles.
  5. Travel isn’t all about the plane ride there and back. Even a walk through a new neighborhood is already a bit of a journey.

About Health.

Fun captions are good, but helpful health-related advice is even better. The important thing is to believe in what you write.

  1. Only old people worry about their health. I think I’m getting old at my 23.
  2. About sports – you…clearly don’t fit into my comfort zone. Call me back when I’m out of it.
  3. They say that health doesn’t matter, we’re going to die someday anyway. I don’t remember who said that, but many of them are no longer with us. (Black humor with a teachable moment).
  4. Mornings with exercise, evenings with a jog, because in a healthy body – a healthy spirit.
  5. It’s funny to watch when a lot of non-sports people criticize athletes. It always looks better from the outside, but you do not want to check it, it’s better to take their word for it. And so all my life. Take care of your health – do sports.


For girls

These captions will add a little femininity to your posts and make it clear to readers who the real lady is here.

  1. To hell with the black and white stripes, I’m following my own – the purple one.
  2. Beauty lies in so many little things: that butterfly, that flower, that pretty girl in the photo. I wonder, in fact, who it is… (Approaching for selfies).
  3. Oh, who here is destined to see me again. Careful, flipping through my page is addictive.
  4. Do we really have two Suns? Oh, sorry, just looking at myself in the mirror.
  5. My mom used to say I was kind. Ready to punch anyone in the eye who disagrees with that.

Funny and funny.

Irony is a cool tool for connecting with readers. Let the reader know you’re on the same page as them.

  1. The morning started with a cup of coffee and procrastination. It’s about time you went back to bed.
  2. I think this picture is rejected. It turned out too well for my photography skills.
  3. I have my own mate for each day of the week. Too bad there are only seven days.
  4. Men, don’t try to understand a woman’s logic. It’s impossible. Speaking as a girl.
  5. I woke up and realized: something had to change. So far, I’ve changed my ringtone to my alarm clock. But already progress, and that is the main thing.


♪ About moods ♪

Joy, sadness, madness, moping. These lines will help convey the full range of your emotions.

  1. I like to pamper myself on Sundays and on Saturdays as well, Friday is not an exception. In fact, I have fun all week long.
  2. Sometimes a drop of love, or a glass of martini, is not enough for a good mood.
  3. The cat woke up, ate, went to bed. And they say that there is no formula for a perfect mood. Here’s the model in person.
  4. Mood for the day: quit everything and become a forest ranger. In fact, why not. One only has to believe.
  5. I am always happy to make many new acquaintances. Yesterday I met a new pillow and blanket and now we are best friends.

About myself.

You shouldn’t forget your favorite self.

  1. I like to make people happy a lot with my smile. Well, who doesn’t enjoy it, that’s their problem.
  2. I have an excuse for this lull with posts, I’m just lazy.
  3. I spent 20 minutes of my own life on this picture alone. You have to leave your own likes.
  4. I just love people and myself a lot, but myself more.
  5. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Knowing what’s going on in the soul, the eyes should shimmer with rainbows.


About the seasons

It matters what kind of weather is outside the window. Otherwise, readers will think that you don’t even go outside 24 hours a day.

  1. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, please teach me to love winter the same way you did.
  2. In spring, the birds are singing all around, the flowers are blooming, and you can feel this flood of love in the air.
  3. I love to go for walks in the summer, well, in the fall too, and in the winter… Did I mention walking in the spring? Yes, I want to walk, just walk.
  4. Autumn, a lot of sad moping languishes my soul. Thank you for such moments.
  5. Winter came up very suddenly, around October, if you believe the thermometer.

In English

Amaze readers with your own knowledge of a foreign language.

  1. I’m a princess, and you know it.
  2. Oh, this time is priceless.
  3. Say, it really wonderful.
  4. Maybe I’m the same as everyone else? Ha, no, I’m the queen.
  5. Wait, what’s this smell? It’s the smell of love.

And that’s the end of our choices. If you have your own ideas, suggest them in the comments.

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