PlayStation apps for Android and iPhone

Although we’re still waiting for official unveiling PSP phone, Sony has already announced the imminent release of the official PlayStation app for Android и iPhone.

But this is not a game emulator at all, this program will allow users to check the achievements in PlayStation Network, stay in touch with friends from the gaming social network, find new games (for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 or PSP), and receive the latest news and links by e-mail. In addition, with the PlayStation you can read the blog European PlayStation and connect with friends on Facebook и Twitter.

The app will first be available in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. For now, does not knowexactly when the app will launch because Sony has not indicated an approximate dateBut this should happen in the in the near future.

App version PlayStation 1.0 will be completely free, will require at least iOS4.0 or Android1.6 . Future versions of the app, the developers claim, “will support most SCEE countries and languages.”

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