Poland – Senegal match. Jacek Gmoch surprised everyone

Jacek Gmoch is undoubtedly a legend of Polish football. The old titan of our “kick-about” became known not only as a great coach, but also as a TV analyst, drawing with a virtual marker in weird patterns, dissecting the tactics of each team to the first factors. Now he’s added another role…

To say that Jacek Gmoch is an original like few in Polish football is to say nothing.

“Dinosaur” well known

Years ago he himself successfully played on the pitch (in Legia Warsaw and the national team), then – first as an assistant to Kazimierz Górski and then as the first coach – he was the national team selector.

After parting with the “White and Red” he successfully worked with the best Greek clubs. In Athens he has the status of a legend and nothing or nobody can take it away from him.

The 79-year-old coach has an equally strong position in Poland, of course.

Interestingly, Jacek Gmoch is one of the few soccer “dinosaurs” recognized by all generations of fans. This is due to his colourful personality and, above all, his frequent visits to TV studios.

A coach’s trademark

The business card of the finesse coach became the analyses he conducted by drawing on the screen with a virtual marker. Sometimes nobody – probably except Jacek Gmoch himself – knew what the author had in mind, but his good humor and enthusiasm won him many fans.

Most likely for this reason, the colorful trainer was invited to participate in the next clip of the #RespectUS campaign, which aims to promote Polish history and patriotic attitudes.

“The #RespectUs social campaign is a grassroots initiative of young Poles who do not want to live a lie. The main goal of the campaign is to express opposition to the distortion of history and showing Poland and Poles as an executioner during World War II.

The campaign is organized thanks to the involvement and support of the Farmer Support Foundation Polska Ziemia (Polish Land), which for years has been involved not only in local initiatives, but also has repeatedly spoken out on issues important to Poland, for example against selling off Polish land to foreigners”. – we read on the action’s website.

Jacek Gmoch ready for Senegal

The latest campaign clip was aired 48 hours before Poland’s match against Senegal inaugurating the rivalry of Adam Nawałka’s team at the World Cup in Russia.

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