Polish women on the Internet

Almost 14% of women have access to the Internet, although only about 6% use it. This means that there are just over 876,000 female Internet users in Poland. One third of them have their own e-mail address. Every second would like to use a good service for women – according to the research conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia.

Polish women on the Internet

The research was conducted in a group of about a thousand Internet users. It shows that almost 14 percent of the respondents have access to the Internet. One-fifth of them are younger than eighteen. Women between 19 and 45 years of age are much more likely to be online (66 percent). In this group there are most people with secondary education, every fifth has a university diploma, every tenth declares incomplete university or post-secondary education. Only every twentieth respondent has completed vocational school.

The Internet is most often used by unmarried women (spinsters, divorcees, widows) and people living with their parents – over 42 percent. 33 percent of respondents have a husband and children. Most live in a city with a population of more than 501,000 (28.4), but there are only ten percent fewer in rural areas.

46.2 percent of the women surveyed had used the net (by April) once or several times since the beginning of the year. Regularly about once a week about – 26.5%, several times a week – 12.8%, daily or almost daily – 14.5%. The most frequent place of use is university or school – for almost 50%, the second place is work – 36%, then home – 27.4%. Every third Internet user has her own e-mail account.

Comparing these results with the Internet Monitor survey one can say that women connect to the net less often than men. Most men use the Internet daily or several times a week. Despite appearances, online shopping is not the domain of women. Only 4% of respondents have ever used this form of shopping. Comparing this to the findings of the Internet Monitor study, it can be said that female Internet users are less convinced about online shopping than male Internet users, 8% of whom have already made an online purchase. Perhaps this is due to the offer of online shopping – computer programs, hardware – which women are less interested in.

Every fifth female Internet user believes that there are still too few services for women on the Web, and almost half would like to use a good service for women. Every tenth Internet user admits that the already existing services for women are well done. One in three finds it difficult to find a service for women on the Internet, although the same number disagrees with this view. 16% think that online sites contain more up-to-date information than women’s magazines, 12% are of the opposite opinion.

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