Polsat Box Go, a new streaming and VOD service for the Polish Internet, is being launched

1 September will see the launch of a new VOD and streaming service available to everyone – Polsat Box Go. It is enough to download the Polsat Box Go application or go to polsatboxgo.pl. Polsat Box Go offers two new simple packages without commercials: Polsat Box Go Sport and Polsat Box Go Premium. These packages can be purchased for one month only, without long contracts or commitments. Polsat Box Go provides access to thousands of hours of the best sports, films, series and cartoons for children, which everyone can watch whenever and wherever they want. Polsat Box Go provides access to VOD content, original premium content, series and pre-premiere shows, 120 live and top-quality TV channels, including 4K. Polsat Box Go replaces Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go. The service is available to everyone, not just subscribers of Polsat Box (previously Cyfrowy Polsat).

Polsat Box Go is a service for everyone and available everywhere there is Internet. We have prepared, among other things, two new, simple packages: Polsat Box Go Sport and Polsat Box Go Premium. What is important is that the service and the application are available to everyone. This means that there is no need to be a Polsat Box subscriber. Maciej Stec, Vice President for Strategy of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, operator of the Plus network, Polsat Plus Group.

“The Polsat Box Go Sport package is our pearl – for the first time our entire sport is in one package. In the Sport package you will see the UEFA Champions League and the Polsat Sport Premium channels, the PKO BP Ekstraklasa and the CANAL+ SPORT3 and 4 channels, the Spanish, Italian and French leagues, Formula 1 and other sports on the Eleven Sports channels, the Polsat Sport family of channels and Eurosport 1 and 2 – all sport in one place. Polsat Box Go Premium is a great VOD package with films, premium series premieres, shows, news and journalism and 100 attractive TV channels. With Polsat Box Go you can choose what, where and when you want to watch it on the device of your choice. – adds Maciej Stec.

New thematic packages

The Polsat Box Go website and application will provide two new, simple thematic packages available for Polish users: Polsat Box Go Sport and Polsat Box Go Premium.

Also available are the Polsat Box Go HBO package and packages for viewers abroad – Polonia and Fortuna 1 Liga.

Polsat Box Go Sport (at a promotional price of PLN 40 per month):

The most popular TV channels, European leagues and the UEFA Champions League, all major live sports events now together in one convenient package:

– all matches of the men’s and women’s European Volleyball Championships,

– Polsat Sport Premium channels and all UEFA Champions League matches,

– the Eleven Sports 1-4 channels with, among others: Italian Serie A TIM, Spanish La Liga Santander, French Ligue 1 Uber Eats or Formula 1,

– the CANAL+ SPORT3 and 4 channels with games of the Polish PKO BP Ekstraklasa,

– channels: Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra, Polsat Sport News, Polsat Sport Fight, Polsat Games,

– the Eurosport 1 and 2 channels,

– Extreme Sports Channel, Fight Box, Golf Channel, Fast & Fun Box, Game Toon,

– Fortuna 1 Liga (309 matches in season 2021/2022) – all available exclusively on Polsat Box Go,

– selected games and matches in 4K quality, including UEFA Champions League.

The Polsat Box Go Sport package is temporarily limited to PLN 40 per month, after which the regular price will be PLN 50.

Polsat Box Go Premium (at a promotional price of PLN 30 per month):

Hot new series premieres only on Polsat Box Go, thousands of movies and TV shows for everyone on VOD. Great hits (also in 4K quality), best Polish and international series. Polsat TV productions before their premieres on TV and 100 TV channels.

– Premium series available for the first time and exclusive on Polsat Box Go, among others: “The Arrangement”, i.e. the second part of the well-received “Rysy” starring Julia Kijowska, “Osaczony” with Leszek Lichota, “Shadow” with Krystian Wieczorek or “Mecenas Porada” with Aleksandra Domanska, further premieres are already in the pipeline.

– Theatrical hits also in 4K quality, e.g.: blockbuster “Beautiful” with Jennifer Lopez, “Bodyguard” with Ryan Reynol and Samuel L. Jackson, charming “Paddington 2”, funny animation “Caveman” or beloved by young viewers “Shaun the Lamb. Farmageddon”.

– Full seasons of series and programs on various topics (e.g. The program offers a wide range of programs (entertainment, documentaries, journalism) for everyone.

– Productions of the Polsat television station before their premieres on television, among others premiere episodes of popular series such as “Przyjaciółki”, “Pierwsza Miłość”, “Komisarz Mama” and others.

– Entertainment shows: the newest season of “Love Island”, TV Polsat’s new series “Family Food Fight”, “Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars”, “Ninja Warrior” and many others.

– A wide range of 100 TV channels including: Polsat, Polsat News, TV 4, AXN, CBeebies, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney Channel, FilmBox, FOX, History, National Geographic or Paramount Channel.

The promotion of the Polsat Box Go Premium package (PLN 30 per month) is temporary, after which the regular price will be PLN 40.

Polsat Box Go HBO (priced at PLN 25 per month):

– movie hits straight from the cinema, whole seasons of the best series and cartoons for the youngest,

– channels: HBO, HBO 2, HBO 3, Cinemax, Cinemax 2, AXN, AXN Black, AXN Spin, AXN White.

Packages for people living outside of Poland:

Polonia (45 PLN per month or 10 GBP/USD/Euro) – movies, series, productions of Polsat and TV4 channels before their premiere on TV, 10 TV channels, selected live sport transmissions.

Fortuna 1 Liga (PLN 30 per month or £6/USD/Euro) – access to all Fortuna 1 Liga matches per season.

New features and appearance of Polsat Box Go

Polsat Box Go will have new features and a new transparent look. It will be simple, intuitive and convenient to use.

– The service will be easier to use with a new, transparent layout.

– New content recommendation system – now even more tailored movie and series recommendations.

– User profiles – each member of the household can have their own profile.

– Offline access – selected content can be downloaded to the phone or tablet and watched later without using the Internet.

– Chromecast and AirPlay for VOD and TV channels – the ability to display on your TV the same thing you are watching on e.g. your smartphone.

How can I use Polsat Box Go?

Polsat Box Go will be available from polsatboxgo.pl and via the application on mobile devices (Android, HMS and iOS) and Smart TV sets, Android TV, Apple TV and on set-top boxes:

Subscribers to the Polsat Box platform (i.e. previously Cyfrowy Polsat) within their TV packages will have access to their offers in the catalogs in Polsat Box Go without additional fees.

Polsat Box Go for current Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat GO (CP GO) users

Current holders of pay TV packages from Ipla and CP Go will continue to have access to them via Polsat Box Go. The login and password for the replaced services (Ipla and CP Go) will remain unchanged.

Ipla users should download the new Polsat Box Go application, and Cyfrowy Polsat GO (CP GO) will automatically upgrade to Polsat Box Go.

Users of Ipla’s paid packages will still be able to access their favorite Polsat Box Go content without any problems. The periodic packages purchased before 1 September 2021 will remain valid according to the agreement and will continue to be available after logging in to Polsat Box Go (Ipla Premium, Ipla Movies and Serials, Ipla Kids, Ipla TV, Ipla HBO, Ipla News and Entertainment, Ipla Sport, Ipla Eleven Sports, Ipla Polsat Sport Premium, Ipla Polonia). One-off, 30-day packages purchased on the Polsat Box Go service before 1 September 2021 can also be used according to their expiry date.

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