Prepaid or postpaid offer – what to choose?

Many people are wondering whether it is better to opt for a prepaid or postpaid. Both solutions have both advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth analyzing them carefully and adjust to your needs.

Prepaid or postpaid offer - what to choose?

Prepaid phone – advantages and disadvantages

Prepaid phones are most often chosen by teenagers and seniors, people who have a limited budget or small needs. Usually this solution is cheaper because the user chooses any package and recharges his or her account every month with a chosen amount. Pay-as-you-go offer is convenient, flexible and can be cancelled at any time. The account is usually valid for a year, so you should not worry about the top-ups. However, it is worth noting that the possibilities in the case of the card are limited, and for each additional package you have to pay. For this reason, the total monthly cost can sometimes be higher than with a well-chosen subscription.

Phone subscription – advantages and disadvantages

Currently, users usually decide to subscribe. On the market you can find several very attractive offers, thanks to which the monthly fee for a phone will not be more than 15-30 PLN. Some customers also care about matching a smartphone to their subscription. It is worth noting that in the subscription phone calls and SMS are unlimited, you can also choose for yourself the appropriate Internet package and other additional options, such as access to a music or movie portal. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that usually a phone in a subscription is much more expensive than one bought in a store for cash or in installments. Operators also upload their own applications, which makes the smartphone slower. It is best to buy a phone in a store and choose one of the cheaper subscriptions in the network. It is good to bet on such a subscription that includes a lot of GB of Internet and international roaming, useful during holidays or business trips.

Card or subscription?

To sum up, the offer should be adjusted to your needs. People who use the phone all day long, make a lot of calls and text messages, as well as use the Internet, should rather opt for a subscription. On the other hand, users who use the Internet on the phone occasionally or not at all (e.g. seniors or people working from home and using WiFi), can opt for a subscription. Regardless of the chosen option it is not worth overpaying. It is better to check different solutions with several operators. In the biggest networks the costs are usually much higher because these brands spend a lot on advertising. On the other hand, in smaller and virtual networks the price is usually much lower, and the package of minutes and data is very rich.

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