Problems and solutions when updating drivers with Driver Booster

To provide certain functionality, to identify new devices, to increase the performance of your PC it is necessary to install and also to update the drivers. Often users use special software like Driver Booster to automate the process. However, not everyone understands the peculiarities of the program’s work, which is why they encounter some problems. Below we consider the most common situations.

Driver Booster Problems

Why can’t Driver Booster find out the old drivers?

  • First, the driver database includes only official drivers. Unofficial as well as beta versions are not considered.
  • Secondly, to guarantee the system security and to reduce the probability of a potential crash, drivers are tested on the importance of updating a particular driver. Consideration is given to compatibility with Windows specific version, possible conflicts.

As noted, all driver updates are collected only from official websites of hardware developers (Nvidia, Intel, AMD), or PC manufacturers (HP, DELL, Lenovo, etc.). Immediately after the official release of drivers, we include them in the list of potential drivers, which will be added to the database.

For the final decision on whether to include them in our database, we check the drivers for WHQL certification and conduct additional tests to exclude problematic drivers from the list. This is all to ensure that only official and quality versions of the software are available to you.

It is also worth mentioning that only PRO version of Driver Booster users can get the full version of driver database.

Although the question “Why is the update available through Driver Booster obsolete?” has already been answered in the previous answer, we will give a brief answer again.

Why do errors occur after an update?

After installing updates, users often encounter some problems – “failed installation”, blue screen, incorrect operation of devices, etc.

Identifying and eliminating the true causes is sometimes difficult. It can be either incompatibility of the computer with the driver, or due to a malfunction of the driver itself. If you encounter a problem, it is recommended to go to additional Driver Booster tools, which can fix the most common errors.

Driver Booster issues and solutions when updating drivers

If it is not possible to fix the identified problem or if you want to return a previous version of the driver, you can rollback to the previously installed driver version by creating restore points and backing up the used driver before you start downloading the update.

Problems and solutions when updating drivers with Driver Booster

If your devices are working normally, there is no need to update, it is better not to take the risk, do not run into potential problems.

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