QuickPic for Android – no need to install it on your smartphone!

This mobile application is familiar to many smartphone and tablet owners since the very first versions of the Android operating system. When the standard gallery did not give the necessary features, people looked for a solution in Google Play and downloaded the functional utility QuickPic. But if 7 years ago it was the best solution among analogues, now we do not recommend installing this software.

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QuickPic is no longer the same…

Surely many people remember how quickly images were opened in the program, you could play videos, perform simple editing operations, etc. But back then, it was being developed by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to make the world a better place. Only when the funding problem became very serious, they had to sell the software to a new owner (Cheetah Mobile). And then it started…

It is obvious that the application was bought for a reason, but in order to earn money. In this regard, in the new versions of QuickPic appeared a huge number of ads. This is the first disadvantage…

In addition, a script was introduced into the gallery, which performed automatic clicks on banners without user participation. In 2018, this was the reason for removing the software from Google Play for violating the rules of the platform.

Don't install this Android app that millions of users used to trust!

But at the beginning of 2021 in the Google store again appeared this program with an updated interface and a smaller number of built s (at first glance). But do not believe the beautiful description and listing dozens of useful features, because the owners are the same. And CM is known for its “super” software: browser, launcher, optimizers, antivirus with a lot of recommended suggestions (install this or that!).

Once again we advise to read the reviews. Not just one or two, but at least 15-20. And then you will have a real idea about the program. Here, for example, are some of the comments on Google Play:

By the way, the rating is 4.6; almost 900 thousand users voted. But that’s a credit to the early versions of QuickPic. If you look at recent reviews, they are mostly negative. They especially complain about the forced encryption, which can lead to loss of personal data.

Such metamorphosis has happened to the once best software for viewing photos and videos, storing, editing and other useful operations. We do not recommend you to download it. But if you do become interested and want to test the software, here is the link to the official page.



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