Radom: Airport like a pasture

Despite organizing Air Show and training candidates for pilots, the base in Radom is not a showcase of military aviation.

There has been a renovation boom at the 42nd Training Air Base. The 12th Airfield Field Division has tendered the renovation of the lighting of the airfield service company base combined with the replacement of masts and lighting poles (for less than 300 thousand zlotys) and the repair of the runway edge surfaces (for almost half a million). The works were performed for the needs of this year’s Air Show. On the same occasion the base received a lawn mower, fences to separate the audience and a large tent. In comparison with airfields in Krzesiny, Łask, Powidz, or Dęblin it is as nothing.

Relative comfort

Without precision aids

– Nobody exempts us from training, so we mobilize for the Air Show in two ways – up to 400 of my subordinates work at this event. After the show we gain the recognition of our superiors that we are successful in organizing the event. Air Show in the recent period did not bring any other profits to the base – concludes Ziółkowski.

The airport as a pasture

– Funds for investment were limited, so school aviation was considered less of a priority than combat and transport aviation, Colonel Ziolkowski leaves no illusions. “In order to accommodate LIFT jets, the base in Deblin will be upgraded, but parallel investment in both airfields will not be possible for the Ministry of Defense. The 41st BLSz has priority because advanced training of fighter candidates is planned there.”

Hope in civilians

After four years of efforts of his predecessors, current CEO Tomasz Siwak received on 16th September 2011 from the President of the Civil Aviation Office (ULC) a permission to establish a civil airport. It sets out the conditions and scope of work that must be done in order for the company to obtain entry in the civil airports register and certification for the facility. If it complies with this, it will be able to start airport operations. The airport’s code in the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is already known: EPRA. EP stands for Poland, RA for Radom.

The Board of PL Radom SA plans investments in several stages and gradually wants to raise the category of the facility. The first stage is to establish a Class IIIC civil airport with a non-instrumental approach to land, where flight operations would take place from dawn to dusk.

General aviation

Deadline set

Asphalt concrete runway

– I keep my fingers crossed for the company. If it succeeds, the airport will already benefit from the installation of radio navigation aids and lighting in its working area. The quality and our training capabilities will improve,” assesses Colonel Ziolkowski.

Siwak explains that initially – on the advice of experts from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency – Calvert and VOR/DME beacon will be installed.

– There will be too few flight operations for us to need an ILS at the beginning. We have applied to appropriate institutions dealing with infrastructure at the Ministry of Defence for permission to illuminate the runway, install the airport’s markings, fence the whole facility – over 7,000 metres – and build a control road.

Significant outlays

– As the commander of the garrison I want the situation with civil investments to clear up quickly. For we need considerable outlays for our own facilities: the battery room, cleaning up the MPS station, for several years we have been waiting for modernization of the vehicle washing station. These projects are in the plans but they keep getting delayed – admits the colonel. Indicates that renovation, or preferably construction, of a new pilot house and hangar would be useful.

Urgent operational need

Off-season instructor training

With a cool eye

– We have a resolution of the city council that allows changes in the shareholding, capital increase and sale of part of the shares. We are still bound by the laws on municipal self-government and on commercialization and privatization of enterprises. Based on these acts we ordered a strategy of changes in the shareholding structure, which will show the most beneficial for us direction of transformations. We treat the matter seriously, we have come a long way, we do not assume to go back, the door has been closed. The permit to establish a civil airport at Sadków has changed a lot. We are no longer a paper company for our partners.

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