Rainbow bot Discord: description and how to create a rainbow nickname, how to install in 2021

The Rainbow bot for Discord will make your nickname look great and cheer you up. Allows you to stand out among the others, to draw attention to your own status, avatars. It will be nice to have music, changeable fonts and add animation on your nickname. You won’t need a lot of time or special skills to configure RB. Only attentiveness and confidence in your own abilities.

Description of the rainbow mod

A special application By Sanich is designed to change the color profile, user’s nickname. It was created precisely for this purpose. Those who are tired of monotonous designs can decorate their own account with the help of this bot.


The developer has provided Rainbow bot set of special commands. You can use them to change fonts, colors, add animation – a lot of things. There is even music and a connection to the radio “Rainbow FM”. Bot amateur, so there may be some glitches, unstable operation.

With all questions it is better to immediately contact the developer. In most cases, the application performs its basic functions: it creates a rainbow coloring around the nickname. Set of commands, in comparison with other modifications, not glittering variety, but allows you to manage the actions of the bot.


Commands of the bot

This discord application contains a set of commands that allow you to control the bot’s actions. With their help, you can:

  • find out statistics (!rstats);
  • contact the bot administrator (!rep);
  • find out the time elapsed since the bot was launched (!uptime);
  • play with funny-sounding Ukrainian phrases (!ukrmova);
  • see the list of available commands (!rhelp).

In addition, the bot knows how to handle the store of game items (!shop, !items), withdraw cryptocurrency from miners (!getmoney) and much more. Commands starting with “hentai” work with the corresponding animation. To control the music, the Rainbow bot features play (!play), stop (!stop), playlist (!queue), repeat (!repeat), and skip (!skip).



The bot’s work with fonts is provided by the “ASCII” section. You can draw, change text, and attach pictures.


Changing the look of your own nickname with Rainbow bot is easy enough. Of course, before that, the procedure must be done with the addition to the server. Then go to the bot menu by entering the command “!rb”. Next, the installed bot must be set to the highest priority. Then the bot is launched (“start”). Changes should occur on the account.


If this does not happen, everything is repeated from the beginning. It is important to observe the sequence of actions, not to mix things up and not to miss anything.


And then you can play to your heart’s content with fonts, add pictures, and upload music.


How do I add a bot to the server?

The procedure begins with authorization in the Discord environment. Next, you need to get to the page with the bot by clicking on https://top.gg/bot/465362209288224770. If you have not logged into your account, after redirecting to the Discord resource, you will need to enter your username and password. Otherwise nothing will work.

Then the bot is added to the server, also specified in the appropriate line. Video instruction is available at the address:

If errors occur, the absence of the server in the list is recommended to change the browser. Sometimes this helps. After installing the bot, you can enjoy rainbow shimmers on your nickname. It also offers users a built-in mini-game and the option to transfer money to other participants.

And a picture of a randomly dropped kitty will help dispel boredom, raising your mood by a couple of degrees.

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