Registration for the Imagine Cup 2006

The fourth edition of the Imagine Cup 2006, the largest international student technology competition organized by Microsoft, is now underway. The final will be held in India – a country with great potential, “producing” 350,000 IT engineers a year.

Registration for the Imagine Cup 2006

The theme of this year’s competition is “Imagine a world where technology allows us to live healthier lives”. Participants will compete in 6 thematic categories. The aim of the competition is to enable young people from all over the world to share their experiences on an international stage and to develop and demonstrate their ability to use technology to improve the world we live in.

This year’s fourth edition of Imagine Cup will be held under the theme “Imagine a world where technology allows us to live healthier”. Contestants will be tasked with creating a concept for using technology to “heal” the world around us. Contestants will determine their own definition of healthy living and, based on it, will develop projects within six thematic categories. The jury will pay special attention to the innovation and creativity of the presented solutions, as well as their effectiveness and compatibility with the theme of this year’s competition. The winners of the local stages will take part in the final competition, which this year will be held in India.

  • Software Design, in which participants develop innovative applications in line with the theme of this year’s competition;
  • Algorithm, whose goal is for contestants to tackle a series of puzzles, programming challenges and algorithmic riddles;
  • Short Film, the object of which is to create a moving and interesting film in line with this year’s competition theme;
  • Information Technology, which will allow participants to demonstrate proficiency in networking, databases, servers, and analysis and decision-making in a large IT environment;
  • Project Hoshimi – Programming Battle, allowing participants to demonstrate their ability to create artificial intelligence algorithms responsible for building a game strategy;
  • Interface Project is a new category in which the participants’ task will be to create an original and comfortable user interface, in line with the theme of this year’s competition.

In the last year’s edition, we managed to discover true talents, so we believe that this time too, young people will not disappoint us. I’m convinced that meeting with similar enthusiasts, as well as true IT world celebrities, will be a great experience for them and at the same time will become a stimulus for creative thinking and implementation of ambitious plans,” said Karol Wituszyński from Microsoft Poland.

People interested in participating in the competition from November 1 can register at The national final in the Software Design category will be held in the second half of April 2006 in Warsaw, and on May 22, 2006 the participants of the worldwide finals will be selected.

Winners in all categories will be awarded scholarships – $25,000 for the first place in the Software Design category and $8,000 for the first place in other categories.

The Imagine Cup competition was created for young creators of IT technologies. The organisers’ goal is to create conditions for students from all over the world to exchange experiences, realise their creative potential in the field of IT technologies and make the competition observers aware of the opportunities technological innovations open up for people in their everyday lives. The Imagine Cup is the world’s biggest competition dedicated to students. During the three years of its history, more than 20,000 participants from 90 countries have entered the competition, including last year’s winners of the Games Creation category (in this year’s edition under the name Project Hoshimi – Programming Battle), coming from the Polish technical universities in Poznań and Łódź.

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