Revolution officially changes its name to “Wii”!

Revolution officially changes its name to

The console officially announced a year ago at E3 will not be called Revolution, but will appear under a far more “complicated” name: “Wii”.

Two weeks before this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, the authorities of the Japanese company from Kyoto change the name of its next-generation console already remembered by a large number of players. As we read in the press release, the previous “Revolution” was only to show the direction in which the company’s intentions are heading, while “Wii” is to be the answer, “is to break down the wall that separates people who play from others”.

It is worth noting that similar words Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, said in an interview with MTV News after the March Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose: “There are people sitting at home who don’t play video games at all. When they see what we have to offer at E3, they will realize that the wall that separated them from us has been broken down and we have created a system that will allow use by a much larger audience than any system before.”

As the statement goes on to say, the “Wii” is meant to allow people to interact with games more and more closely than ever before. On top of that, games will be aimed “at us” (“Wii” is spelled and pronounced similarly to “We”, i.e. “My” in English) and at the same time “to everyone”.

Furthermore, “the Wii can be easily remembered by people around the world, regardless of language”. Meanwhile, the letters ‘ii’ symbolize two people playing with each other and the shape of the platform’s two controllers.

The key to success is expected to be dozens of games that allow for wireless network play using a Wi-Fi connection, similar to the portable Nintendo DS. The company is also expected to develop a special system to allow easy access to play for multiple players simultaneously.

By the way, it has been revealed that players will be able to purchase special expansion cards contained in the console 512 MB of flash memory. On top of that, the whole range of colors of the new hardware is to be shown at E3, which does not mean that all of them will be available with its market premiere.

In addition, the Wii will run two data disc formats. Both new 12-centimeter discs, as well as those previously designed for the Nintendo GameCube platform. It will also be easy to buy a small adapter that allows you to play movies and data from DVDs.

Nintendo also intends to collaborate on games with both large publishers and small independent groups. All will use the “dynamic development architecture” used to create Wii games.

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