Revolutionary way of playing – Wii

Revolution in gaming – this is how Nintendo summarizes its new console. Innovative controllers equipped with motion sensors are making waves among players and the manufacturer can count on big profits.

Revolutionary way of playing - Wii

Exactly on November 19, the world premiere of Nintendo’s newest game console – Nintendo Wii – took place. The Japanese giant, however, decided to apply a strategy significantly different from its two competitors – Sony and Microsoft – focusing on providing an unusual control system, instead of High Definition technology and network gaming options.

Traditional games use either a keyboard and mouse or a joypad, with an optional steering wheel for some games. Nintendo decided to revolutionize this ossified system by transforming the controllers used to play the game into an object that we just use in the virtual world.

How does it work? Very simply. Imagine playing a game of golf – the Wii controller becomes a golf club that you use just like a real golf club. A similar thing happens when you’re playing baseball, tennis, or conducting an entire orchestra (with the controller acting as a baton).

How is this possible? The Wii console controllers have built-in motion sensors, which cause the motion detector placed next to the TV (which comes with the console) to catch the actions that we perform with the controller. The Wii controller consists of two devices: The Nunchuku (a smaller, pear-like device) and the Wiimote (which looks like a TV remote). That’s enough – motion detectors have never been used in such an advanced way for entertainment purposes.

Nintendo itself experimented with motion sensors back in the 1980s, creating a device called the Power Glove, but it failed miserably. Now some analysts in the nearly $40 billion-a-year electronic entertainment industry say Nintendo is destined for success. Their console, unlike the rival PlayStation 3, is cheap ($250) and you don’t need an HDTV to enjoy full graphics. And most importantly, thanks to its ease of use, anyone can play on it.

Nintendo is also introducing its newest console to the Japanese and European markets. In Japan the Wii will appear on December 2, in Europe six days later. By the end of the year a total of 4 million copies will be in circulation.

The increase of sales in the US market is to be possible thanks to broader cooperation with distributors and retailers. Since its launch, the $250 console has only been available in a handful of stores. Those who managed to buy it early are selling the Wii for $300 to $400 through eBay online auctions.

Sony, one of Nintendo’s main competitors, aims to introduce several hundred thousand of its PlayStation 3 by the end of the year. Worth $499 and $599, Sony’s consoles sell on eBay for between $700 and $900. Its other competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will bring in a total of 10 million units worldwide by the end of the year. Microsoft is having the most trouble winning over Japanese customers.

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, specifically pushed for the controller’s appearance to resemble a TV remote. – Everyone knows how to operate a remote control, and standard game controllers only inspire fear in those who have nothing to do with games,” Iwata sums up his revolutionary decision. Not surprisingly, the original name of the Nintendo Wii was Revolution.

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