Rolling OLED TV from LG finally goes on sale, but the price knocks you off your feet

The Korean conglomerate already showed off its innovative project at the 2018 CES, but only now the device is ready to be sold to consumers, provided, of course, there are wealthy takers.

The 65-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED R, because that’s what it’s called, is the world’s first OLED TV with a rollable screen, which is likely to set a new standard, all thanks to the ability to freely arrange the living room and adjust the aspect ratio of the screen. Already during CES the manufacturer promoted it using the four letters R, i.e. revolution, redefine, roll out and expand, which from a marketing point of view was a great move, but the truth is that although the TV cannot be denied uniqueness, only the price and the users will decide about its potential success. Well, the latter interested can be found easily, but the price revealed today will certainly cool down the enthusiasm of most of them, because it is over… 340 thousand zlotys!

However, it should be remembered that we are talking about a premium product, which has to offer much more than just an innovative form. First of all, the highest quality materials have been used to make it, such as the casing made of brushed aluminum or the speaker grille made of high-quality fabric produced by the Danish company Kvadrat. Besides, the TV offers 8K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate, it is equipped with a second-generation α (Alpha) 9 video processor, its display provides an impressive 800 nits brightness and support for 120 fps (HDMI 2.1), and then there are the 4.2-channel speakers with Dolby Atmos offering 100 watts of power, which can be used even when you roll up the TV completely.

But coming back to the most interesting thing, the form factor – LG SIGNATURE OLED R can work in three modes, i.e. Full View with a fully expanded screen, Line View with a partially expanded screen and Zero View with a collapsed screen. The first one is self-explanatory, the second one allows you to partially expand the screen and perform activities that don’t require the entire display area (various functions are available here, such as clock, photo frame, mood builder, music player or Home Dashboard control panel), and in the third one the entire 65-inch TV screen is completely collapsed and hidden in the base of the device. LG has also made sure to support smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Assistant, so users can control the TV with their voice. Is all this enough to justify a price on the level of a good car or a small apartment? LG has never hidden the fact that this is a product aimed at people who appreciate novelty and don’t have budget constraints (maybe Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg?), so it’s not for us to judge.

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