Rythm bot in Discord: commands and how to use the music bot, how to add

The musical bot Rythm stands out in the Discord environment because it can juggle tracks by automatically connecting to content stores. And it does it with a fair amount of skill. Rythm is a specialized bot. Its task is to provide users with tracks in any quantity, in various combinations. In this direction Rythm bot, if not “number one”, then one of the best.

Rythm bot description.

Many bots of different purposes have been created for the Discord messenger. Including special ones designed for downloading music, playing tracks, creating a comfortable sound background in chat. It is very important that the bot does not need any hints or help to connect to Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube and other services.


Rythm finds the tracks on its own and immediately launches them into the broadcast. It’s also possible to download lyrics. Music is the profession of the Rhythm Bot. The assistant knows how to do everything with it.

Features and functions

A virtual jukebox named Rythm bot is richly endowed with useful features. Playing back streaming content is just a trivial task for it. As well as creating a playlist, managing the playback of tracks in any combination, one by one, in random order.


Changing the prefix to a more appropriate one from the bot user’s point of view is allowed. Rhythm supports more than 10 million Discord servers around the world. And quality, best music is always at your service. Just what you need at the moment to lift your spirits, to set the right working drive for the whole day. Rythm bot easily finds duplicates in the playlist, and can find a track by reference or title. Such an assistant is indispensable. Everyone who uses Rythm bot knows it.

With such an assistant playback and search became even easier. The application finds songs from the top of YouTube, loads them into a playlist. Much easier to work with queues, the formation of personal lists. Bot management contains elements of administration (BS), individually configurable.


Management commands

The list of commands available to the user includes actions intended for operations with music. This direction for Rythm – profiling. It bot masters it to perfection. And here are the commands provided by the developer of the application:

  • “!play” – start the playback of the track by name or link;
  • “!disconnect” – disconnect from the voice channel;
  • “!np” – you can see the track being played;
  • “!aliases” – aliases of the available commands;
  • “!ping” – evaluation of the bot’s response;
  • “!skip” – skipping the played track;
  • “!seek” – jump to the specified place in the track;
  • “!soundcloud” – search for content on the service with the same name;
  • “!remove” – the specified track is removed from the playback queue;
  • “!loopqueue” – creation of looping playback of the given queue;
  • “!search” – search for the song by the link;
  • “!stats” – request of statistics;
  • “!loop” – infinite repeat of the current played track;
  • “!donate” – donations for those who want to hold the bot;
  • “!join” – connection of the bot to the voice channel;
  • “!lyrics” – display the text of the song;
  • “!info” – information about the bot;
  • “!resume” – paused playback;
  • “!settings” – entry to the bot settings mode;
  • “!move” – move the specified track forward;
  • “!skipto” – skip (for specified time, position in the queue);
  • “!clear” – delete everything from the queue;
  • “!clean” – clear chat, reset bot commands;
  • “!removedupes” – search and delete duplicates;
  • “!volume” – operations with volume;
  • “!rewind” – fast forward;
  • “!shuffle” – shuffle playback;
  • “!queue” – display the player’s queue;
  • “!leavecleanup” – clearing the playlist of the absent user.

The full list can always be found on the official website of the bot. But it is already clear that the life purpose of Rhythm bot – operations with music. Here he, perhaps, has no equal.


Adding a bot to your server

To add a bot to your own resource, you need to go to its official page. It is located at https://rythmbot.co/. Then find the button “+ Add to Discord”. It is located on the right side of the screen, the very first. Press it and you will find yourself on the entry page of the messenger menu.

Another option: go to the tab “Features & Commands”, there select the line “+ Invite Rythm”. And then the user will have to do the standard steps: enter your username and password to authorize in Discord. Then it remains to enable the required permissions for the bot. Rythm must have Administrator privileges.


How to use

To charge the music Discord to the full, you will need to give the bot the appropriate commands. These are “!soundcloud” and “!search”. Then, when the desired content is found, a playlist is formed and a play queue is created. Its setup is not complicated.


Working with Rythm bot implies some element of creativity: forming a random or sequential order of playback, excluding individual songs, moving them around the list. The main thing is to try, and everything will work out. And it turns out that setting up the bot is very easy.

It’s no accident that the developers paid maximum attention to creating a user-friendly interface and a list of commands. In return, the user receives quality audio content. And even from all available servers and network sources.

And you can create any playback mode, even non-stop music 24 hours a day. The rhythm bot will automatically play the tracks according to the specified program, without deviating a single step from it.


Problems and Solutions

All possible options describing the “why the bot doesn’t work” situation can be found at https://rythmbot.co/troubleshooting, this is the “Troubleshooting Guide” tab.


In a nutshell, the main problems can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Check if the command is entered correctly, including the prefix.
  2. Perform a restart of the messenger.
  3. First uninstall, then reinstall Rythm bot.

In most cases, these actions help. In the most complex situations, you need to write to the technical support bot.

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