Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Test

Just a few years ago, True Wireless headphones were an innovation. Today, they’re almost standard equipment for people living on the go. Galaxy Buds Pro are the most advanced headphones in Samsung’s offer. Is it worth to pay attention to them? You will find out in our test.

Headphones Galaxy Buds Pro have been with me for a good few months now. They accompany me in many situations, even though I use iPhone. They impress with their sound quality (by headphone standards, of course), offer great active noise cancellation (ANC), and are very comfortable. Check out what else is worth knowing about them.

Design and build quality

The Galaxy Buds Pro are True Wireless headphones. The shape of the headphones is similar to that of the Buds+, while the charging case is almost identical to the Buds Live. They are very lightweight and comfortable, they don’t restrict your movements during sports, and since they are IPX7 rated, you can easily take them with you to the gym or to the pool.

The headphones can be connected to the app Galaxy Warables app onand Android. Unfortunately, they don’t have support for the app Galaxy Buds on iOS (unlike the Buds+ and Buds Live models), so iPhone users don’t have as many personalization options. They can’t configure the ANC level or choose the bass intensity. There’s only the option to connect the headphones via Bluetooth.

The headphones fit comfortably in the ear and no one should have a problem adjusting the size of the tips to their preference. They are lightweight – they weigh 6.3 grams.

Sound and performance

The Galaxy Buds Pro are the perfect headphones for long conversations and listening to music on the way to work or while working out. The noise cancellation system (ANC) works very well here and even in default mode (with the iPhone). If you have the Galaxy Wearables appapp, then we can personalize more parameters, but that’s a detail. ANC in Buds Pro works well in many situations, while not completely cutting us off from what’s going on in the environment.

Using the touch buttons, we can switch between three modes: ANC on, ANC off, and intelligent ambient sound selection. This third option is recommended for people using the headphones in the city, so that nothing unexpected surprises them.

The Buds Pro play pleasantly. There are two drivers in each earphone – an 11 mm woofer and a 6.5 mm tweeter with low distortion. This combination provides very clear highs and an expansive sound spectrum. The headphones provide a versatile, warm sound and will work well in many music genres.

The quality of voice calls made by the Buds Pro is very good. With six microphones and superbly optimized software, there is no interference on either side of the earpiece. No reverberation, no unwanted noise, and no other synthetic additions.

Battery life Buds Pro is decent. The manufacturer states that during “typical” use, the headphones (each has a 61 mAh cell) will discharge after about 5 hours of music playback or 4 hours of talking. Each time you put the headphones in the case, it extends their life, because they are automatically recharged thanks to the 472 mAh battery. In practice, this means that you can safely forget about connecting the case with headphones to a power outlet for up to a week.


  • they play very well
  • nice and comfortable
  • guarantee comfortable conversations
  • effectively cut off ambient noise (ANC)
  • cannot be paired with the Galaxy Buds app on iPhone (no iOS pairing possible)

Galaxy Buds Pro have been priced at £699. They are available in three colors: purple, black and silver.

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