Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: release date, specifications and price


South Korean brand Samsung, which has become a true giant among gadget manufacturers, is preparing for the release of the innovative smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Every day about the model appears more details, and the Internet is filled with rumors, what will be the watch, what buyers should expect from the appearance, technical characteristics and, of course, the cost of the coveted gadget. In this article we tried to collect the latest news and updates about Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to share them with you.

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Release Date

According to the latest information from reliable insider Evan Bliss (more information can be found on his English-language Twitter), the watch will be officially presented to the public July 22. True, you can already see some live photos online with a more detailed image of the gadget. By the way, it is impossible not to pay attention to the insider information that Samsung plans to launch at once Nine configurations of watches at once! This means that the versions will suit people with varying degrees of activity and meet the needs of almost any potential buyer.


clock display

Judging by several live photos and those images that began to appear on the official website of Samsung, the design has been redesigned again, with an emphasis on the classics, but keeping all the features of the device. Believe me, the gadget looks really amazing: the aligned quality dial, the presence of small displays showing the weather, the number of steps taken and other important indicators of activity. The screen diagonal is 1.2 or 1.4 inches, Protection in the form of tempered glass Gorilla Glass DX The tempered glass protection will extend the life of your watch and protect it from impacts, drops, and moisture.

Supported functions

watch functions

Samsung organizes annual conference Unpacked, which is dedicated to the review of new smartphones and gadgets. Some rumors have long fueled interest in the new watch model, and finally there are new details about the model, whose release is just days away.

Supported features have become much more, especially when compared to previous versions of the watch from Samsung. The memory has been increased from 4 GB to 8 GB, so users will be able to download even more apps they need.

Let’s talk a little about the functionality of the model:

  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring;
  • user activity monitoring;
  • display the current weather through a new app;
  • ECG recording;
  • Display the number of steps and walked kilometers;
  • built-in music widget;
  • app Spotify (according to the latest data it will be launched in Russia on July 15);
  • Corporate email client has been replaced by Outlook;
  • active use of improved systems NFC;
  • built-in speakerphone.

As you can see, the company has added more features to help the user in everyday life. There is also a great emphasis on health and fitness, which is not surprising. Statistically, most users track their own vitals and engage in active sports even despite their busy schedules. Therefore, the additional features of the watch, related to load tracking, will help to bring sports to a new level.

By the way, the watch fits comfortably on the hand, its weight is practically not felt, so be sure to wear it during running, water sports and other physical activities.


watch on the wrist

Let’s talk about some important features of the new watch from Samsung. The exterior of the case resembles previous watches and, as with the last generation, the main material in the new line will be stainless steel. Interchangeable straps will not be an unusual surprise, but right in the store you will be able to choose a suitable and favorite color.

The materials of the straps will also be varied, but there is no information about them, even insider information, at the moment. The data is focused on the functionality and internal characteristics and features of the new product.

The manufacturer offers 2 watch sizes 41 and 45 mm, Accordingly, the cost will be different. There is information, the price will be slightly higher than the cost of the previous model, as the watch is presented in a completely new light, with a variety of functions and an improved case. By the way, the black version will feature a 45 mm model, the case is made of stainless steel or titanium alloy. Thanks to such a combination, you get an ultra-fashionable and durable model, with which you can go on extreme trips, interact with moisture.

You can buy the silver model in two kinds – 41mm and 45mm. Built-in Bluetooth, LTE will simplify the work with the product, open new opportunities for the user! GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, heart rate sensor – it is located in a sufficiently robust, not miniature body.

The bronze version will be released in 41 mm format, and it will have built-in LTE, Bluetooth. It is likely that this model will be a budget model in Samsung’s new line of watches, but insiders stress that despite the modest performance, the model will be very relevant and will clearly displace many competitors from the market. First of all, its appearance will attract attention – the model will be the ideal choice of an active business girl.

Returning to the 9 configurations offered, it is worth noting that Samsung has definitely tried, and this time the manufacturers have created a watch model that will suit literally any user. It’s not about convenience and external features, but also about technical capabilities. Since processes in today’s world are incredibly accelerated, a smart watch will allow you to control the time and your own state, as well as answer calls, messages, stay in touch at any convenient time, wherever you are.

The smaller version has a battery capacity of 330 mAh, and the charge it holds much longer than the previous version of the watch – 40mm Active 2 (for comparison, the second model has a battery capacity of no more than 247 mAh, but has received a lot of positive feedback from users).

Like the Apple Watch, Samsung has a fall detection feature – owners of other versions of the watch call the feature quite useful, especially when the owners of the watch are older people with a risk of disease. It doesn’t mark the fall of the device, but the fall of the user.

If the owner is over 65, the feature works by default. Built-in sensors detect a heavy fall and immediately begin to monitor the user’s condition. Sound sensors are activated and a notification appears on the display. If the user does not show any signs and does not manually turn off the sound notifications, the system automatically calls the emergency service. Agree, such achieves will be very useful and allow you to save the life of yourself and your loved ones.

There is a universal charger in the kit, it fits the previous versions of the watch. The third-party applications are loaded without restrictions, and the matter is not only in the expanded memory, but also in the fact that the operating system is fully worked out. Applications will fully work, there is a reaction to voice commands from the user. The manufacturer assures – after the purchase, the user will have a complete change of mind about what they are – a real smart watch.


watch use

At the moment, insiders are giving information that the new watch will cost from $400 to $600. Much depends on the version chosen.

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