Samsung Navibot – the dust tamer

There are several models of cleaning robots on the market today. We have just tested another of them – the Samsung Navibot SR8895. Is it worth paying attention to it and entrust the care of parquet, panels, and carpet?

A growing group of consumers can afford to buy a smart vacuum cleaner. The equipment itself only seems superfluous and unjustified expense. Who needs a Navibot, and for what purposes? And with a little luck, can it replace a conventional vacuum cleaner?

Looks and plans

The vacuum cleaner does not move chaotically. In this way it would not be able to fulfill its duties. To avoid this, the manufacturer has equipped him with a camera that records and documents the layout of rooms, memorizing the paths of cleaning. This is called Visionary Mapping. It allows the device to know exactly where it is, where to go, and even – from where to resume cleaning if it has been interrupted. This happens when the batteries are close to running low. The Navibot then heads to the docking station, cleverly parks, and begins charging the cells.

Looking at the work of the robot, it is not difficult to notice that the routes of travel are not random. It is important that on its way there are as few obstacles as possible – especially moving ones. The best solution is to program the vacuuming for such a time when there are no residents in the apartment. That’s when he most accurately performs the task.

Avoids obstacles

The Navibot tries to get into any place, but it does so very carefully. Obstacles are handled differently – depending on the settings, it can either push through them or avoid them. However, you don’t have to worry about a possible fall down the stairs, for example. With the right sensors, it will detect danger early and stop. If it gets entangled in cables or stuck, the corresponding sensor will immediately turn it off.

The set includes two elements – Virtual Guards (Virtual Guard) – which determine the barrier or route impassable for the vacuum cleaner. These are small poles that can be placed by the user, for example, in the doorway or against the wall, blocking the way for the robot. To schedule the cleaning of more rooms, simply place the guards in the room and press the appropriate button.

Cleans in different ways

The work of the device can be planned and adjusted to your preferences. Automatic mode assumes standard cleaning. Local mode is good for larger, local dirt. Edge mode is effective for areas where dust accumulates the most. Delayed start will make the vacuum cleaner start work with a delay of several minutes – giving time for household members to leave the apartment. Daily schedule allows you to precisely program the work, including specific days of the week and times. The manual mode makes the equipment completely obedient to the person holding the remote control.

The Navibot can handle more than just flat and smooth surfaces. Thanks to its design, it can overcome an obstacle with a height of 1.5 cm, so it can easily drive onto sidewalk or carpet. Unfortunately, it does not cope well there – especially if the dirt is in the material. However, it will show its capabilities on parquet, tiles or panels. It effectively collects dust clusters, hair, pet hair and other larger dust particles. The tiniest dust can make it difficult for him. To eliminate such an opponent there are additional pieces of equipment.

For whom and how much?

For people with a large and modern apartment. The robot works well in open spaces. It can then take care of order, eliminating visible dirt. Unfortunately, does not release the need for a classic vacuum cleaner. Only this is able to thoroughly absorb dust – especially from carpets and rugs. I also recommend it for people who keep a dog or cat in the apartment. The cleaning robot will clean up the omnipresent hair on a regular basis.

The SR8895 we tested costs from PLN 1799 to PLN 2095. For 990 to 1400 zł you can buy the SR8845 model, and the SR8855 price is between 1340 and 3100 zł.

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