Samsung with a good camera and battery to 15000 rubles: rating of the top 15 best smartphones by price and quality

For most users, the main characteristics of a smartphone are the battery and the camera. This is easily explained by the desire of people to capture and share moments from their lives, as well as to do it autonomously, that is, without being connected to a power outlet. In the Samsung lineup there are decent models with a good camera and battery up to 15000 rubles, which by today’s standards makes it necessary to refer such devices to the budget segment.

The best models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones under 15000 rubles

Despite the fact that the rating is composed of models with a good camera and battery and memory, you should not expect miracles from a device under 15 thousand rubles. Buying a budget device, you, in any case, go to a compromise, and reach the level of flagships such smartphones can not.


A51 64GB

One of the most popular Samsungs in history.

Speaking of this smartphone, it is important to note that the Galaxy A51 became the best-selling in Russia and other countries in 2020. Now the popularity of the model has declined, but it is still being bought for its high-quality screen, excellent camera and good autonomy.


  • AMOLED screen;
  • 4 cameras;
  • flagship design.


  • Processor power.


A21s 4/64GB

Inexpensive model with a similar set of memory, but a higher battery capacity.

Although the A21s takes photos about the same as the Galaxy A51, this smartphone is characterized by a mediocre screen. For the stated price, its quality does not meet Samsung’s standards, which is reflected in both the type of matrix and resolution. The processor also cannot boast a sufficient level of performance.


  • 48-megapixel pictures;
  • autonomy.


  • performance;
  • screen.



The optimal choice for those who are looking for a smartphone that can work for a long time without recharging.

At a price comparable to the Galaxy A51, this model has not only a higher battery capacity, but also a better camera. This is reflected in the resolution of the pictures, which became more detailed. However, it was decided to abandon the island type of front-facing camera in favor of the “drop”.


  • AMOLED matrix screen;
  • 64 megapixel camera;
  • uptime.


  • Poor optimization of the “iron”.



Next comes a representative of the A-series with balanced characteristics, both in terms of photo capabilities and in terms of battery life.

The Galaxy A31 holds a charge for a long time due to the 5000 mAh battery, and the 48-megapixel camera is able to take high-quality pictures both in the daytime and in the evening. The screen is also praiseworthy, but performance was once again mediocre.


  • photo quality;
  • implementation of the screen;
  • long time works without recharging.


  • Old MediaTek processor.



The model to be considered in comparison with the Galaxy M31, as there are almost identical characteristics.

Compared to the older version, the device has lost the macro-module, and the resolution of the main camera has slightly decreased. However, this did not affect the overall quality of the device, and the price became more attractive.


  • high-capacity battery;
  • high quality pictures;
  • a decent screen.


  • Unstable Exynos chipset.


A40 64GB

A compact device for those who are tired of “shovels” 2022.

The smartphone is not the most current, but retains the chips of models like the Galaxy A51 and M31. There is an AMOLED screen, which has good color rendering and a high brightness threshold. But the autonomy was far from ideal.


  • AMOLED screen;
  • compactness;
  • dual camera.


  • power;
  • autonomy.



The basic model of the M-series, which is characterized by excellent autonomy.

This smartphone is noticeably cheaper than the Galaxy A51 and other models previously mentioned in the selection. At the same time, the device has a high-capacity battery and a triple camera.


  • functional cameras;
  • does not require frequent recharging;
  • price.


  • old processor;
  • screen pixelation.


A20s 32GB

Almost a complete copy of the Galaxy M11, except that it does not have such an impressive battery.

This disadvantage is compensated by the installation of a higher-quality shirik for the rear camera, but the other disadvantages have not gone anywhere. The smartphone is slow, and its display certainly isn’t pleasing to the eye.


  • Triple camera;
  • large screen.


  • display resolution;
  • no NFC.



An even more affordable smartphone that offers a basic set of features.

You should not expect A10 to have functional cameras and other features of mid-range devices. Here every component is made on a budget, and the only drawback seems to be the lack of NFC.


  • cost;
  • practicality.


  • No contactless payment support.


A6 32GB.

Model of 2018, which is still relevant due to the AMOLED screen without notches.

The indisputable advantage of the symmetrical display is accompanied by disadvantages, including the resolution of the matrix, as well as mediocre battery life. But there is NFC, and the body is made of metal.


  • Metal body;
  • high-powered camera;
  • screen without cutouts;
  • NFC sensor.


  • battery life;
  • performance.



An ultra-budget Samsung phone with modest features and a nice price.

The Galaxy M01 doesn’t fall flat when placed next to other brands. The manufacturer has chosen a good processor for the stated price, equipped the device with a dual camera, and the body turned out to be convenient for using the smartphone with one hand.


  • Qualcomm processor;
  • practical case;
  • long time works without a socket.


  • No NFC support.



This model costs even less and, in general, differs from M01 only in battery capacity.

The autonomy here is not as impressive, but the compactness and stability along with the dual camera are still there. So there are at least a couple of reasons in favor of the Galaxy A01.


  • compact body;
  • price;
  • stability.


  • Doesn’t hold a charge;
  • does not support contactless payment for purchases.


A01 Core

This smartphone is mistakenly bought by people who want to save money. But, frankly, the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core has more minuses than pluses. And among all the devices of the selection it is the weakest representative.

The device attracts buyers by its compactness, the screen without notches, and the price. But all of this can be seen on the showcase, and when you take the smartphone in your hand, you realize that the display here is very dim, the processor can not cope even with basic tasks, and the charge is melting before your eyes.


  • miniature body;
  • The screen without the “bangs” and “drops”;
  • cost.


  • Old processor;
  • dim display;
  • mediocre battery.



A smartphone that was a hit in 2022, as A12 owners got a 48-megapixel camera for a minimal price.

The phone also has a high-capacity battery. But with the display and performance in the Samsung Galaxy A12 at once something did not set. The device hesitates when solving simple tasks, and even demanding users do not think about gaming performance.


  • 48-megapixel photos;
  • contactless payments;
  • autonomy.


  • Weak “iron”;
  • bad screen.



The novelty of 2022, which was the successor to the Samsung Galaxy A01, but failed.

The smartphone became noticeably larger and got a 5000 mAh battery. It would seem that this is one plus, because in addition the developers equipped the device with an additional camera. However, everything is spoiled by the resolution of the screen and the performance of the MediaTek chipset.


  • uptime;
  • price;
  • dual camera.


  • optimization;
  • the quality of the display.


Tips for choosing a phone

The first advice has already been given at the beginning of the material: do not expect great achievements from a smartphone for 15 thousand rubles. Moreover, it should be understood that Samsung devices have a markup for the brand, which often makes them less profitable in comparison with competitors.

However, most of the representatives of the rating work off the price by 100%. And those who are looking for a smartphone for photos should consider as a purchase models equipped with a photosensor with 48 megapixels and more. If you add autonomy as another criterion, the Samsung Galaxy M31 or M31 would be the best option.

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