SAR in the phone – what is it, what is the permissible level, how to find out

SAR in the phone - what is it, what is the permissible level for a person

Choosing a new smartphone for yourself or your loved ones, you should pay attention to the SAR level in the phone, what is it, what is the permissible level in today’s mobile devices – learn from this review.

SAR in the smartphone


The dangerous influence of technology

Very often began to notice that on forums, users pay special attention to the SAR indicator. The abbreviation has the following deciphering – Specific Absorption RateIt is used in the description of technical features of this or that model. But on the product pages of the online stores there is no detailed explanation – why this value, what impact it has on the cost, functionality, performance characteristics of the device.

“CAP” is a coefficient indicating the level of absorption of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the smartphone. It is an important criterion because it determines how much energy is transmitted per second during the operation of the mobile device.

Watt per kilogram is used as the unit of measurement, but each country has its own norms. For example, the EU allows 2 watts per 10 grams of human body. In the United States of America = 1.6 watts per gram.

It is important to understand that this calculation assumes that the device is operating at its maximum capacity, emitting the maximum amount of energy. In domestic conditions it is possible to achieve a similar effect, but usually the effect is several times weaker than the set limits.

Surely you know that the most active electromagnetic burst is observed during a call. А SAR level on the same smartphone can vary depending on the distance to the base station (tower) of the mobile operator. The closer it is, the less radiation it emits.

SAR radiation

Scientists have done a number of studies on this and have put the results out there for all to see. So what biological effect occurs at different values of the coefficient?

  • If less than 1 W/kg – no danger;
  • 2 W/kg – tissues of the human body are slightly heated at the place of contact (by half a degree at most);
  • 8 W – negative effect leads to increase of body temperature (37 degrees and higher);
  • Over 50 W – there is a high probability to get a burn.

Permissible SAR level of modern phones

It is worth noting that in the early 2000s the number of push-button phones was small, but the existing models radiated about 5 watts per kilogram. Good thing the rates were expensive and only the “major” user could afford to talk for a long time.

Today, standards are being introduced to regulate the maximum value of ATS in a particular country. And the average value for the most popular gadgets is 1.2 watts. But there are “record-breakers” in terms of minimum radiation (0.2-0.3). These include almost the entire line of Samsung smartphones (this is not advertising!), in which the antenna for mobile communications is not located at the top of the body, but at the bottom.

If you’re interested in Apple’s tech, here’s a clear comparison:

SAR iPhone

Obviously, starting with the iPhone 8 developers have made some changes in the design, which affected the reduction of the coefficient.

How do I know the SAR level?

After reading the above material there is an irresistible desire to get information on your phone. We hasten to reassure – if you do not have an old Siemens or Ericsson push-button, there is nothing to worry about. New models are unlikely to set your skin on fire, unless the battery explodes (unfortunately, such cases have been reported).

To find out the SAR is very simple – just visit any website that provides a detailed description of the characteristics of the gadget. Such resources include:

  • Yandex Market. In the search box enter the name, we will see a list of suggestions, choose the desired unit. Go to the page “Features” and in the section “General” view the value of the indicator:
SAR for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
  • DeviceSpecifications. In the upper right corner there is a search form. And underneath it, a list of brands is also available. The bottom line is simple – find the device you want, then select the SAR tab:
Redmi Note 4

We scroll a little lower and see a diagram with the required information:

ATS for Xiaomi

You could make a rating for modern devices, but I do not see the point. Everyone has his own preferences and tastes, we showed a way to get information. The rest is up to you!

How to reduce the SAR?

Have you looked at what the SAR in your phone is? Scared? Then read on to learn simple ways to reduce the negative impact.

  • During a call, hold the device with your hands so as not to block the antenna, otherwise the gadget will need to amplify the power to maintain communication with the base station;
  • If you are indoors, try to go to the balcony, stay close to the window;
  • The farther you are from the “tower”, the greater the negative impact. Therefore, do not talk for too long. If you feel that the phone is heating up more than usual – stop talking;
  • The following advice is unlikely to take on the armoury. Do not use covers – they also reduce the passage of the mobile signal and lead to an increase in the power of electromagnetic radiation;
  • While waiting for the connection (after pressing the call button), keep the smartphone away from your head.

Now you know more about the SAR level in the phone, what it is, how to find out the value for a particular model and minimize the impact on the body.

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