Screen rotation on Android: how to enable and disable, setting

The use of additional functions will allow you to make the use of the phone varied and effective. To fully view the video on your Android device, use the screen rotation. The option can be put on automatic mode, and some users can not imagine the work of the device without this addition. Enable and disable the functionality in different ways.

Is it worth to activate the automatic screen rotation?

Automated rotation of the played clip is used because you can turn the device at any time of viewing, after which the picture will also unfold.


When it comes in handy:

  • video playback;
  • Viewing images and photos;
  • using games;
  • Typing (in this case the keyboard will be larger, the buttons larger).

Attention! In some cases autorotation can interfere with the work on the phone. For example, if the user turns around, and the sensor sees it as a change of orientation of the gadget in space. The inconvenience can work when reading lying down and viewing photos. You cannot watch videos while lying on your side.


Adjusting the screen rotation

You can turn on the auto-rotate mode at any time. Instructions for users:

  • Start the phone, open the “Settings” section;


  • Go to the subsection “Special features”;


  • On the monitor of the personal device the list of possible settings and actions, which are available for the gadget at the moment, will be displayed;
  • select the line “Screen auto-rotate” from the list;
  • To activate the option it is necessary to put a tick against the name.


To disable the functionality of the function, you also need to go to the same section and remove the check mark. Other ways of processing are also used:

  • On some gadgets, the manufacturer has placed a separate button on the body of the personal phone (tablet, book);
  • on other devices, the key is located on the curtain that opens when you move your finger from top to bottom on the monitor (other suitable services are also installed in the unit, quick access to them);
  • if the power saving widget is installed on the screen, the function can be activated without going to the “Settings” section.

You can check the functionality by holding the phone turned. Of course, beforehand, it’s worth launching a video – saved on the device or launched via a third-party service (e.g. YouTube). The latter options allow you to activate or deactivate the function without having to open the settings of the gadget.


Possible problems

If the user is sure that the option is running, but the automatic rotation does not start, you should check some possible situations:

  • third-party service technically does not support horizontal playback mode (it is necessary to disable the clip and check on another application);
  • broken accelerometer element (the sensor responsible for determining the orientation of the device, if it is broken, the part should be removed and installed a new one);
  • Malfunction of the operating system (requires a forced reboot of the phone);
  • Technical problems not related to the accelerometer.

After starting auto-rotate video automatically unfolds, the clip fills the screen completely. If there are problems with the gadget and rotation option, you need to check the technical condition of the phone and forcibly reboot the phone.


Attention! If the above instructions did not help to eliminate the malfunction, it will be better to turn to a specialized service center. Masters can check the technical condition of parts.

Rotate the monitor while playing back clips or viewing photos to reveal a full screen image. The option is triggered in several ways – using some buttons or through the Settings section.

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