ScreenShooter: How to make and edit a screenshot on your computer

ScreenShooter: program for creating and editing screenshots on your computer

Programs for creating screenshots of computer screenshots are very popular among a large number of people, both for work and for personal purposes. One such popular screenshot programs is ScreenShooter.

Advantages of

The utility is completely in Russian and features a simple interface, clear settings. Making and processing pictures with ScreenShooter is very convenient. And another important plus is that the application can be installed even on “old” PCs, as it consumes minimal system resources.

  • simple and easy interface;
  • built-in screenshot editor;
  • runs on weak systems;
  • free access;
  • handy hotkeys;
  • option to send the screenshot to the cloud, e-mail or FTP instantly.

How to take a screenshot – capturing a picture

After starting the program you can take screenshots of the desktop, its area or the window in two ways: using hotkeys or from the taskbar. From the tray you can select similar actions by left-clicking the ScreenShooter icon.

ScreenShooter menu in the notification area

By default the combination looks like this: Alt + Shift +:

  • 1 – desktop
  • 2 – selection area
  • 3 – window.

Pressing the key PrintScreen key will instantly take a screenshot of the whole screen and send it to the editing area.

Functional image editor

Once the screenshot is created, a simple and clear visual photo editor opens in front of the user. It allows you to crop the image, add text, geometric shapes, pointers, arrows, and other markers. For each new layer it is realistic to set an individual color, line thickness, transparency, shadow, blurring:

built-in screenshot editor


By default, ScreenShooter saves files in the folder:


But you can change this path in the settings (Hard Drive item).

Options for saving screenshots in the screenshot editor

Other options are also available:

  • Copy to the clipboard to paste into other programs, to the website;
  • Sending to an e-mail address;
  • Downloading to a computer disk;
  • Sending using the protocol FTP (requires pre-configuration);
  • Saving in the cloud Yandex Disk.

ScreenShooter is great for home use, office work and sharing screenshots with colleagues and friends. I am pleased with the built-in editor with the necessary tools and free cloud storage.

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