SD Maid – the best app for cleaning up junk on your phone

If your Android mobile device doesn’t have a pre-installed memory cleaner from the manufacturer, then the SD Maid app would be ideal. Next, let’s take a look at its main features.

SD Maid

Why is SD Maid the best optimizer for Android?

The program has a very high rating in Google Play (here is a link to download), mostly positive reviews. I’ve been using this software almost since its inception, since the very first versions. At the moment, the functionality has been greatly expanded, a lot of useful tools have been added. And most of them are available even in the free version.

If you buy the Pro License (by the way, the cost is very low), then you can configure automatic cleaning according to the schedule, to analyze the use of memory and look at statistics. But these are not the most important features.

This is what SD Maid can do:

Search for and delete unnecessary files (system cache, applications);

Optimizing the databases of installed programs;

Removing duplicate photos, videos, documents;

Viewing information about programs, stopping and uninstalling them;

Manage files and folders in the intuitive File Explorer.

It would seem that there is nothing out of the ordinary. But an important point is the speed of operation, a simple interface in Russian, the absence of intrusive advertising, convenient location of controls. Immediately after installation and the first use there is no discomfort.

Each built-in tool has its own settings, which allows you to set exceptions, specify additional folders for scanning when searching for garbage. That is, if you try hard enough, you can adjust the software to your needs. It is also realistic to export all the changes you made to a file so that you can import it later on another device. This will allow you to apply the same settings on the second smartphone and save time.

More detailed explanation and consideration of each item you will find in the instruction video from our Youtube channel:

No, this is the first time I’ve heard of it!


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Many gadget owners are quite satisfied with the scanning and cleaning that is done on the quick access page. You just press one button, in a minute you see a report of the work done. And your system is always in order, no junk, no duplicates and no unnecessary software.

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