Search in Telegram: how to use simple and global, possible problems

Every day, thematic channels, chats, and groups are registered in the messenger Telegram. The abundance of information complicates the search for a particular community. To navigate effectively, you need to understand how search works in the Telegram app. The following instruction will help you learn how to use the option, join interesting communities.

Until 2017, the search engine found channels only by links. Later, the developers included a new feature of the search engine by keywords found in the name or description of the community. The query string is simple to execute, has no filters and no additional settings. Through it, the user finds posts, contacts, and groups.

Telegram search

When requested for the first time, the app displays information from saved contacts and subscriptions. When you re-enter, the search engine works outside the address book, finding people not included in the list. To start the second step, enter the name of a contact or the name of a group in the line, then put a few spaces. There are nuances for each piece of information searched for.


The system only gives out public channels. Private publiques to which the user is not subscribed are not displayed in the result. In the line it is allowed to type up to 127 Latin characters, taking into account the spaces. But the search engine mostly uses the first two specified words.


Not only channels appear in the filtered list, but also people and other communities. You can identify a channel by the loudspeaker icon next to the community name.

Thematic directories and bots, which are divided into categories, simplify the search. They work not only by name and keywords, but also by hashtag.


Finding a chat room on Telegram is fairly easy. It is enough to go to the application, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. In the line that opens, enter the name of the chat or the name of the interlocutor in the format @username. Telegram will give you the most appropriate results for the request in the feed.



You can find a public group using the same principle as other communities. To perform the procedure, you will need to enter the name of the group in the query line. In 1-2 seconds, the program will display the results found. The output is divided into two parts, of which you will need the first – “Global search”.

In the line with the magnifying glass you can also type keywords that characterize the topic of the group. To join a community, you need to go to it and click on the button “Subscribe/Accede to the group”.

Join a group

The second part of the output contains keyword search results from personal correspondence. The search system on your computer and smartphones is identical.


When actively communicating in the Telegram messenger, an important message can get lost. Finding a text or file is simple. To do this, enter a passage of a message or a sentence in the line with a magnifying glass. As a result, several chats with similar texts will appear. The user will only have to choose the right one among them. Clicking on the result, the user will go to the chat with a message.


To find a file or link in the chat, go to the group profile, select a category and search. For example: audio, links, photos and other tabs.

The person

You can search for a person in Telegram in two ways:

  • by cell phone number;
  • by @username.


After launching the program on your computer or mobile device, enter the username through the “@” icon, then click on the magnifying glass icon. As a result, the searched object and contacts with similar data appear.

The person can be contacted by cell phone number. This is the easiest way to find a user if he has an account in the messenger. In the line above the contacts you enter his phone number, the program gives results if the person is saved in the address book. If the contact you are looking for is not on the list, the system will offer to send him an invitation with a link to Telegram in the form of an SMS message.

The nuances of the search on your computer and phone

There are no particular differences in the search system on different devices. The only differences are in the main menu and interface of the program. In the application on smartphones, the search is located at the top of the screen on the right side. The icon is in the form of a magnifying glass and is activated with a single tap. On PC, the search bar is displayed on the left side of the screen. It works the same on all devices.

Possible search problems

The search for communities, people, and groups is simple and straightforward. Even a novice user can cope with it. But while using the option, a problem may arise – the results will not appear in the ribbon. This can be due to the following reasons:

  • the searched object has changed name or title;
  • the program gave out an error;
  • the user entered the data incorrectly in the search line.

To fix the problem you need to check if the information was entered correctly. Make sure that no administrative changes have occurred. If the input is correct, but the search does not work, you need to restart the software and try to repeat the action again. The privacy of the channels also complicates the search procedure.

Thousands of new communities appear in the Telegram messenger every day, and billions of messages are created. Therefore, knowing the algorithm for finding the right communities or people, the user will feel comfortable.

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