Search Vkontakte without registration – people, bands, music

Search for VKontakte without registration - people, groups, music

Hello. Can you imagine how many people are registered in various social networks? Of course, it is difficult to imagine. Each of us at least once looked for people in such “places”. In today’s article, we will discuss the search Vkontakte without registration. This resource is one of the largest in the whole Runet, so it is quite logical to start this difficult matter with it.

Search for people VK

How would we not like it, but becoming a user of any social network, we place personal information on the Internet. Now it is possible to find a friend, colleague, knowing at least something about him without registration. All you need for this is a device capable of going online.

It is known that you can go to itself only with an account linked to your phone number. Not everyone will want to create an account in order to search for a person, it is good that the developers so far allow to carry out “reconnaissance operations” without this process.

It is worth remembering at least the last name and first name, or better yet, the date of birth, place of residence, place of study, about the object of the search. This is because most of the “guests” of the social network, just this information leaves on his page and by it is easier to find someone.

  • First of all, go to the search page.

Before the interface update, there was a menu at the bottom of the Vkontkte page with the “People” link, but then it was removed.

  • In the top search box, enter the first and last name of the person you want to find.
Search results for VK users

It is good if VKontakte gives several results, in which case you do not have to look through and filter a lot of contacts and profiles. Naturally, the more popular the name, the more people the system will give out, so in this case, manual filtering with browsing accounts will not work. This can be a waste of time, because many people do not enter their real name when registering, but the one that first comes to mind.

You can use the filters on the right side of the open page to speed up your search on this social network.

In them it is easy to specify the specific country, the city in which the person lives, and if you are looking for fellow students or classmates should enter the place of education, the faculty, the year of graduation. This will help to remove unauthorized people from the final list. If you know at least an approximate age, be sure to mark and this information, the resource allows you to specify the age range. You will be lucky if you remember the exact date of the day the person was born, specify it in the drop-down additional filter menu at the bottom.

It is not very pleasant that there are a huge number of forgotten pages in VKontakte, so that all the efforts to find friends may not be successful, for example, you found the one you were looking for, but he did not visit his account for a long time, and other data he did not specify when registering. The date of the last visit is easy to check at the top.

The chances of success increase if you know the relatives of the wanted person, because you can find them first, and then find the right character. To increase the likelihood of success, it is worth using all available suggestions.

Search for VK without registration through search engines

If you do not want to have an account in the social network, and the use of available means on the VKontakte site did not give the result, then it is worth trying to search by means of the most famous resources – Google and Yandex. They have more modernized and functional search algorithms, they can do things that could not be done directly on the site.

These systems make it possible to use different operators to limit the search area to one or more sites (in our case it is vk). To do this you will need to enter a construct in the search line:

First Name Last Name

You will see the pages of the users whose names coincide with their names.

Search for VK users in Yandex

If this option seemed difficult, you can use the advanced search form available from Google and Yandex. There you fill in the following fields:

  • Query – personal information about the person;
  • Site – where the “search” will take place;
  • City;
  • Language;
  • Time interval (for which period the results will be displayed).
Yandex advanced scanning parameters

Another opportunity to search for people without registering Vkontakte

You can also find the right person through the so-called user directory. To do this, just type a link into your browser – This will open a page with a list of IDs of all users.

IDs of all Vkontakte users

How to find VK Groups

Very popular in VKontakte is a “collection” of interest groups. Thanks to the creation of such communities, you can find like-minded people, various useful information and just learn a lot. Previously, the search for groups that you want to find took place through a link “Communities”, which was located at the bottom of the main page. But now it’s gone.

The next link – also does not work without registration.

That is, you have to go through the authorization procedure for this procedure anyway. In mobile applications (official or KateMobile) also nothing works without logging in to the account.

Search for VK music

One of the reasons for choosing this particular social network is free music. On this site, you can find any songs without restriction. But to find and listen to music in VKontakte without having to register, you can only download a specialized application. There are a huge number of them now. There are both free and paid options. As an example we can take DMV.

DMV browser plugin

You can use it anywhere in the world, and you can just listen to the music online and download it to your device.

In such programs, you can search for songs by artist’s last name, by track title.

To find a user Vkontakte not necessarily register in the social network, although after authorization, the user has more opportunities, for example, search by photo. Looking for music, movies is also easier after registration. But if you do not want to do that, just use the options that I suggested in the article, these methods are also very effective.

The downsides of searching without your own account can be called:

  • You can find a person only if he left real information about himself, or if he entered something else besides his full name. With a pseudonym or a fictitious name, there is simply no chance of “meeting” him;
  • If the result was positive, then to contact the person will still need to register on the site.
  • As for music, it is difficult for unauthorized persons to find what they want, many functions are not available.

The pros of of such a search:

  • You don’t have to leave personal information on a social network if you don’t want to, and you can use the age range section to search, so even if you don’t know the exact date of birth, you can try to search that way;
  • If you need music, you can simply download a special application with which you can listen to new and popular hits at any time without an account.

I hope my article will be useful for you, because searching for VKontakte without registration is still possible. In this case, there are a few options to choose from. Well, if something does not work, you can always ask a question in comments, I will be happy to answer you. Subscribe to updates of the blog and you will learn many more useful things.

Regards, Victor!

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