Setting the keyboard on the Samsung Android: how to change, instructions

Smartphone is a versatile gadget that allows you to communicate with others, not only by making calls, but also by correspondence via messengers. In this regard, an important role is played by a virtual keyboard, which helps to type text. On how properly selected this component depends directly on the comfort of interaction with the device. And therefore it is important to know how to configure the keyboard on Samsung Android.

Setting up a standard

Owners of Samsung phones do not have to bother searching for a keyboard in Play Market, because the manufacturer has created its own interface element.


He is characterized by the comfort of interaction and functionality, but in order to increase the level of convenience, this component must be properly configured. To do this, you need:

  • Visit the phone settings.


  • Go to “General Settings” and then to “Language and Input”.


  • Open the “Virtual Keyboard” tab.


  • Select “Samsung Keyboard” among the available options.


You will see a menu with basic settings that you can modify at your discretion. In particular, you can configure:

  • input language;
  • T9 mode;
  • auto-check spelling;
  • automatic use of capital letters;
  • automatic spaces and punctuation;
  • keyboard layout;
  • touch feedback;
  • non-stop typing or cursor control.

The main option is the selection of the typing language. You can set several languages at once to switch between them while typing. If you want, you can activate the automatic spelling and punctuation check to make mistakes visible.


The other functions can be called additional. They are aimed at customizing the interface element. You are offered to choose the color of the keyboard, adjust its appearance, and activate the vibration to feel every touch.

Installing a new keyboard on your smartphone

If you don’t like the classic Samsung interface, you can install any other keyboard on your phone. They are in abundance presented in the Play Market application store. After installing the component you like, you need to activate it according to the instructions:

  • Visit Samsung settings.
  • In turn, open the tabs “General settings”, “Language and input”, “Virtual keyboard”.


  • Tap the “Manage Keyboards” button.


  • Move the slider located opposite the desired keyboard to the active position (to the right).


After saving the settings, you will be typing through the alternative interface element. Next, we offer a look at the best keyboards that you can put on your Samsung.


If you appreciate colorfulness, it is recommended to change the standard keyboard to GO Keyboard. You can find the corresponding application in Play Market, and after installation you can choose from several thousand themes and activate all the necessary typing functions.



For connoisseurs of convenience and functionality, it is recommended to change the Samsung keyboard to Google Keyboards. This keyboard is fast typing, has its own collection of emoji and supports features such as voice input, continuous typing and Google Translator.


Smart Keyboard Trial

Trial version of the keyboard to evaluate all the features of Smart Keyboard Pro. The Dexilog Studio interface offers users an easy typing experience with support for downloadable themes and self-learning vocabulary. To change from Smart Keyboard Trial to Smart Keyboard Pro, you’ll have to pay 189 rubles.


Russian Keyboard

A simple keyboard with a minimal set of features. Despite its name, this app supports other languages, which are downloadable additionally. Among the available options are an emoji panel, autocorrect and a choice of 15 themes.


SwiftKey Keyboard Free

A keyboard from Microsoft that has artificial intelligence. This helps the interface learn the typing style of the smartphone owner to speed up typing and make it more comfortable. The SwiftKey interface is ideal for swipe typing, where you don’t need to tap the buttons but just connect the letters into words by sliding your finger across the screen.

The keyboard has an emoji bar, offers different types of typing, and allows you to customize tools. If necessary, the light theme, which is set by default, can be changed to one of 100 bright options. All customization operations are done through Samsung phone settings.


Multiling Keyboard

Colorful keyboard supporting more than 200 languages. If you are a linguist yourself, Multilingual Keyboard is the best choice. In addition to a large number of languages, the application offers a variety of layouts from QWERTY and QWERTZ to AZERTY and DVORAK.

There is a built-in calculator as well as gesture support. Finally, the Honso studio development does not require an internet connection when using it, which greatly expands the range of possibilities. At the same time, users complain about periodic failure in operation and problems with the recognition of quick “input”.


How to remove the vibrate mode

To make the user feel every letter at the fingertips, Samsung by default accompanies typing with vibration. However, the quality of the vibrator directly depends on the cost of the device. Owners of budget “Samsung” vibration gives a certain inconvenience, and therefore it has to be abandoned as follows:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to the Virtual Keyboards Management section.
  • Select the current keyboard.
  • Move to the tab “Pressure Feedback”.
  • Disable the “Vibration” slider.


As a side note. You can also change the parameters of interest while typing. To do this, activate the keyboard, and then click on the button in the form of a gear.

Depending on the keyboard used, the user can not only deactivate the vibration, but also change the power of vibration. With this option you can make typing comfortable even on a smartphone with a cheap vibration motor.

Conversion of the text into speech

On Samsung phones works the text-to-speech function, which voices the words and sentences you see on the screen. To adjust it, you need to:

  • Go into your smartphone’s settings.
  • Go to “Language and input”.
  • Open the “Text-to-speech” tab.


Here you can select the type of engine that will be responsible for the conversion (Samsung or Google), and you can also adjust the reading speed and language.|16+


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