Setting up Navitel on Android: instructions and how to use the navigator

Maps in smartphones – an indispensable friend of man. Yes, sometimes they force the user to walk an extra kilometer, but at the same time do not allow to get lost in new places. And what is there new, to learn the nooks in the native city – it is not always an easy task. Among interactive maps, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, 2gis and Navitel are especially popular. We have prepared detailed instructions on how to configure Navitel on Android.

Installing the program and distributions

So, the moment has come when you decided to take care of access to maps even in the absence of the Internet. Despite the rapid development of technology, it is not always possible to find uninterrupted access to the Internet, and therefore it is worth to stock up on offline tools. This is the main feature of Navitel – the program does not require constant access to the Internet, the user only needs to connect to the network once and download the latest version of the maps on the phone. It is very practical.


To install this wonderful application, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Play Market.
  2. Enter the phrase “Navitel” into the search engine.
  3. Install the first application you find.

At first you will be puzzled, because there will be several applications with a similar name in Play Market. We recommend to open the popular one, which is called “Navitel Navigator GPS $ Maps”. The other variations are designed for outdated GPS modules. At the time of writing, the weight of the application is just over 55 MB. After installation, run the program.


Configuring the application

The first time you run it, you will need to do a couple of settings. The first thing you will be asked to do is to select the interface language, the map language, and the voice of the voice. Do not worry about the choice, you can change it in the future (if necessary).


The next step is to download maps of the desired area. To be more precise, the program downloads not individual cities, but entire countries or regions. It is worth noting that the downloading process is quite long, despite the fact that the size of maps is not particularly large. Most likely this is due to the fact that the software was developed in the days of 3G prosperity, so it is not adapted for fast 4G.

The second surprise is that some areas are paid to download, which is a bit puzzling. We recommend downloading only the maps you need, as the application will not work until all downloads are completed.


How to use Navitel on Android

So, congratulations, you were able to configure the navigator, it remains to use it. However, this process should not cause difficulties. You need to turn on the GPS, select a destination and press the start button.

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