Setting up sms on android, choosing the best app and tune

Лучшее приложение для смс на андроид
Best sms app for android

Many people use SMS managers on Android. It doesn’t matter if you have money on your account or internet: SMS will always reach the recipient. And on Android, you can replace the standard app with any SMS manager and set your own tune.

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Today in the Play Market there is a fairly large assortment of programs that replace the standard SMS manager. Why change the standard software? For additional customization and functionality. All the same, standard Android programs always contain fewer settings so as not to burden the system.

The Handcent SMS client

This is one of the oldest SMS-clients for Android. Its first version was shown to the world back in 2009. And since then, the developers regularly add new features to the program.

The first thing that catches your eye is the huge number of settings, divided into categories. Thanks to this, there is no feeling of being lost. This application has a system of keyword navigation, allows you to form a blacklist, provides themes for design. The biggest disadvantage of the utility is the lack of ability to work with two SIM cards at once.

Since the application is regularly updated, before the first start it is always offered to review the changes included in the new version of the product. Then you have to download the language pack and restart the application. In the application, a separate dialog is allocated for each interlocutor, which is quite usual.

In the main menu there are two buttons. One is responsible for creating a new message, and the other allows you to open the menu, which is responsible for the functionality of the application. There is a context menu, which can be opened by long pressing on the chain of messages. You will be offered the following options:

  • view;
  • erase;
  • move to the black list.

Service is very convenient for SMSFor greater convenience, it is better to use the landscape orientation of the screen, so your fingers will be more comfortable to reach the buttons of the program. A nice addition is a good adaptation to the Russian language.

This SMS manager allows you not only to write a text message, but also to make it bright and memorable, whether it is a declaration of love or a shopping list. This is done with the help of emoticons, photos and a special tab of the transformation of SMS in MMC – “Slideshow”.

A separate plus is that the application is absolutely free. Of course, there are certain features that are disclosed for money, but they do not affect the overall activity of the program. Payment is made through a subscription.

The latest updates to the utility have introduced a smart T9 mode. The app supports personal signature, but there is still a problem with saving the fine settings made earlier.

Please note that such a variety of functions requires the appropriate power of your device. On older versions of Android the application will slow down, and quite noticeably.

Ninja SMS utility

How the application works

The main feature of this utility for Android devices was the ability to get to SMS from any running application. No, texting doesn’t cover the entire screen and doesn’t hang until you hit the cross. Everything happens softly and smoothly. Each new message will light up on top of the open app. You can open it in a new window, close (minimize) or open it completely and work only with the message.

The app is well animated and very neatly made. When using it, you might get the impression that it’s just a chat room using an internet connection. But it’s just regular texting, for a fee, so don’t get carried away.

In order to implement pop-up SMS without problems, a design with a minimum of details is used for the application. All icons and icons are made simply and beautifully, they have a fairly large size, which also makes it convenient to use the program. You can add a photo to any contact, which will fit seamlessly into the design of the utility.

A set of themes has been created for the program to make it more interesting. You can customize the windows as you want, but you will have to spend some time getting used to the menu. The application works perfectly on almost all versions of Android: both the old 2.2 and the more powerful 4.4. Also, unlike many other SMS managers, this utility perfectly supports working with two SIM cards.

TouchPal X Keyboard app

Configuring the TouchPal X Keyboard3

This is an interesting application made not so much for sending and storing SMS messages as for writing them. The idea is to write words with a stroke. You only need to move your finger from one letter to another, and the device will understand your word by the breaks in the line.

The program can also recognize emoticons with Emoji. It also has built-in Walky-Talky voice input: just press the space bar so the phone will record everything you say in text format. The program supports 70 different languages, corrects typos and guesses your next word. There’s a 40% chance it will guess what you’re thinking, so don’t be surprised if they write the whole message for you.

Changing the SMS manager is an action for the amateur. There are many other useful and beautiful programs, but you also need to know how to use them. First of all, do not install many Android SMS manager, because they can be incompatible and will severely damage the performance of your device. Well, if you accidentally deleted your sms, read how to recover deleted sms messages.

If the usual factory program is not enough for you, then feel free to replace it with one of the applications that came to your liking.

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