Setting up the SIM card on Android: how to call and disconnect, management

One of the important features of any smartphone is support for two SIM cards. It is present in most modern devices and enjoys good popularity. However, many have a problem making calls from the second SIM-card. In this situation, setting up the SIM card on the Android operating system will help. It can be done in two steps and allows you to make calls without problems from any carrier.

Pros and cons

To begin with, let’s find out what the advantages and disadvantages of two SIM cards on the phone are. After all, many people make do with one SIM-card and do not see any point in buying a second card.



  • Separation of tasks, when one card is used to communicate with friends and acquaintances, and the other – for work purposes;
  • the ability to use two tariffs, if the first is beneficial to make calls, and the second – to access the Internet;


  • logical increase in subscription fees, as you will have to maintain not one, but two numbers at once;
  • often the second SIM-card is used instead of the microSD-card, if your smartphone slot is combined.

Thus, the second SIM card is designed for more variability. At the same time, having an extra number requires extra spending, which makes you give up another card.


Setting up two SIM-cards

As a rule, all SIM-cards are initially ready to work. The only thing the user needs is to insert the card into the smartphone, turn on the device and enter the PIN code indicated on the product packaging. There are also other ways of activation, which should be clarified with the mobile operator.

If you have already installed and activated both SIM-cards, you can disable any of them if you want. These components are controlled through the phone settings:

  • Open the device settings.


  • Go to “Network and Internet” and then to “SIM cards”.


  • Activate or deactivate the slider next to SIM-1 or SIM-2.


In addition, by tapping on the card number (first or second), you get to the advanced settings menu. Here you can assign a name to each SIM, which will be displayed in the status bar. Finally, in the menu “SIM-cards” offers to set the settings for the use of cards. For example, you can allow one SIM to access the Internet, and the other to make calls.


How to call with the second SIM-card

Using two cards is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. But to be able to make calls from both carriers, you need to check a couple of things:

  • Make sure that the status bar shows both cards.
  • Check the balance on both SIM cards.
  • In the phone settings, activate SIM-1 and SIM-2, and allow calls from both SIM-1 and SIM-2 cards.


Switching between the SIMs is automatic, if calls are allowed only for one of them. If both cards are allowed, then before making a call, Android prompts you to select SIM-1 or SIM-2. Also you will see a similar option in the subscriber card.

In addition, some smartphone manufacturers equip their devices with special buttons for switching. It can be located either on the front panel of the device, or on one of the ends. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the instructions for your smartphone so as not to make a mistake when switching SIMs.

If none of the ways of switching has not helped you, use a special application SIMSelector. It is free and can be downloaded through Play Market. Run the program, give it all the necessary permissions, and then select the SIM card to make the call.

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