Setupsk – what is this program, is it needed and how to remove it?

Setupsk program - why you need it, how to remove it from your computer

I have already told you many times about ad viruses and how to fight them. Alas, this topic is almost “bottomless”, because almost every day there is information about another threat. Today I will tell you about Setupsk – what kind of program it is, whether you need it and how to remove it if necessary.

An overview of Setupsk

I think the introduction to this article shows that Setupsk is an unsecure piece of software. No, it does not destroy the file system or encrypt information. Its main “weapon” is annoying ads in browsers.


Most frequently “Trojan” gets on your computer via torrent: when you install a torrent client downloaded from an unofficial resource, you may get an “unpleasant present”. At first the script does not show itself, but only collects statistics of sites you have visited and studies your interests. And then the real aggression will start: banners at the top, bottom, sides, on top of content, and even in the notification area of your PC.

The startup file of the virus is python.exe, which is located in the autostart via the Windows Task Scheduler. That’s why simply deleting the Setupsk upd file/process doesn’t lead to anything – after restarting your laptop, the defect appears again.

setupnsk in the scheduler

The most unpleasant thing is that users open all the doors to intruders by their inattention and carelessness. I am tired of repeating – when installing software be sure to read what is written in small gray print. You might be offered an additional utility, and you just take it and agree. It’s better to spend a minute to read it than hours to fix your problem.

I recommend the program


which automatically detects hidden installers and warns you of the threat.

How to remove Setupsk?

The good news is that the threat is not very significant and you can get rid of it in a matter of minutes. Here are the instructions:

  • Be sure to close all windows – not only folders, but also applications;
  • Call the Run console with the Win + R key combination and enter the command:


  • When it opens TEMP directory with its temporary content will be opened, we have to select all items (use Ctrl + A ) and delete them – just press Del :
Contents of the Temp folder
  • Install CCleaner (link download, instruction) and use it to remove suspicious software that was installed recently. It could be the reason for the penetration of the “Trojan”. Run a registry cleaner here as well:
Ccleaner registry cleaner
  • Run the following utility AdwCleaner. It takes 5-10 minutes and effectively scans the system for adware viruses. Once detected, you will need to restart your PC.
Setupsk - why you need it, how to remove it from your computer
  • It is desirable to reset all installed browsers. In the case of Google Chrome – in the address bar go to the link:


  • Settings window will open and at the bottom of the page will be the button you need:
Reset Chrome to factory defaults

Now you know what this program is, and how to remove it. I advise you not to put this procedure off, as the script may “invite other viruses” to visit without your approval.

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