Shadow ban in TickTock: whether and why it exists, how to understand what has been imposed, and how long it lasts

The concept of a “shadow ban” on TickTock is hotly debated, as there are various definitions of what it is and how to define it. Internet forums and other media platforms have previously been accused of shadow-banning users, but now the term is experiencing a resurgence due to the popularity of the new app. Although the general concept of shadow banning is known, no one can confirm whether it actually exists in TicToc.

What is a shadow ban in TikTok

The most common definition of a shadow ban on TikTok is when an account suddenly stops receiving views, likes, and disappears from the “Interesting” tab. Users have noticed that if an account is shadow-banned, TikTok algorithms prefer less often to display videos in “Recommended” for other users.

There's a shadow ban in TikTok

This concept seems like a punishment for breaking the rules, so most TikTok users have come to believe that a shadow ban is the administration’s response to unwanted content that violates the platform’s rules.

The problem with this idea is that it is completely illogical. If TikTok, or another platform, detects that there is a violation by a user, the service will issue an official warning about the violation or suspend the account. However, there is also an argument to this objection – the violation may be too mild to issue a warning, and the administration simply issues a concealed blocking.

Also in the composition of moderation may be a biased person who simply did not like your content, and he will try to harm you with the help of platform tools.

Possible reasons for getting

The most common theory for getting a shadow block is to create potentially objectionable content. If you make videos that might provoke users or promote dangerous things, the views under the video can drop dramatically. People also believe that hidden blocking can come for scamming and spamming.

How to tell if an account has been caught in a shadow ban

TikTok doesn’t notify users when an account has been issued a shadow ban. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on the views under your videos. This is the best way to determine the status of your account. If the flow of new subscribers has dropped drastically, the shadow ban is the likely cause of the drop in traffic.

You can also check your account status by tagging one of your videos with a popular hashtag. Then check to see if your video appears under that hashtag. If it’s not there, it’s likely a sign of a hidden block.

by a popular hashtag.

But under no circumstances should you ask a third party to help you remove a shadow ban. A lot of services and apps promising to improve your social media traffic and check your account for a hidden ban are banal scammers. Most of these “fixers” sell false account information and then pressure the customer to buy their services that will supposedly fix the problems (which is not true).

How long does it last.

While it’s impossible to know how long a shadow blocking lasts, users have reported that, on average, their accounts have been blocked within two weeks.

Rumor has it that some TikTok users are permanently shadow-blocked or their IP addresses are completely blocked. It seems that these measures are reserved for the most vicious abuses of the rules or are applied for repeated violations of publication standards.

How to remove a shadow ban

There are two ways to get out of a shadow ban in TickTock. You can:

  1. Remove any content that violates TikTok community standards and wait for the shadow ban to be lifted. The best solution is to remove any offensive content or videos that you suspect may be problematic.
  2. Completely delete your current TikTok account and start from scratch. This choice is best for users who don’t have a significant number of subscribers. If you deactivate your account, you will have 30 days to reverse your decision.

But unfortunately, there is no way to verify the deactivation.

What not to do

The best way to avoid a shadow ban on TickTock is to be smart about the kind of content you post. Here are some important tips:

  1. Publish original content. Upload videos that you personally shot and edited. Don’t upload videos you found on the Internet or other people’s content. It’s a violation of copyright.
  2. Be aware of your audience. It’s not just your subscribers’ preferences that need to be taken into account – all of TalkTalk’s audience, including users under the age of 13, need to be taken into account. Avoid adult content, nudity or sexual behavior.
  3. Follow community rules. There should be no knives, guns, or other weapons in the video. No drugs or other illegal substances. Content should be appropriate for all audiences.
  4. Use lighting. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – even normal daylight, where the surroundings are clearly visible, will suffice for TikTok. Moderating bots will flag videos that are too dark or hard to see what’s going on, just in case of protection against potentially dangerous content.

Does a shadow ban really exist

If all the information above seemed like nonsense to you, then you have reason to do so, because shadow banning is an unproven thing. So if you have a sudden drop in views and an influx of new subscribers, but you don’t believe in shadow banning, consider reconsidering your approach to content.

Use Pro mode to get more insight into the account. Consider creating more themed videos. The Interesting page rewards videos with narrow subject matter because it runs an algorithm that picks up videos of certain content for people.

Ultimately, whether a shadow ban really exists or not, the goal for the content creator should be to become familiar with TickTock’s algorithms and consistently create entertaining content. Don’t feel bad about an unproven myth.

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