Showing the world to those who can’t go out into it themselves

The world of technology is not just about the latest phones, laptops, or other gadgets that people all over the world can use. Many people use the achievements of science and technology to help people for whom the world unfortunately is not at hand. Let’s meet a Pole, about whom more and more loudly is heard not only in our country, but also around the world.

Piotr Łój has been dealing with new technologies for many years. Most of his activities are focused around virtual reality also called VRwhich consists in transferring a given user who wears special glasses to an alternative reality, where he can see much more than in everyday life.

It is this aspect Piotr Łój Uses in working with disabled, paralyzed individuals who are in hospitals or unable to independently move their limbs or get up from a wheelchair.

By moving such individuals into virtual realitygives them a substitute of what they dream about. It takes them on trips to distant countries, simulates a flight into space, or at least allows them to feel as if they were getting out of their wheelchairs and going for a walk around the neighborhood.

Peter’s story was not so simple and obvious. At the beginning of his career, he was involved in graphic creation, editing, video production and social media promotional campaigns. Years later, however, he found that this was not his path.

– After a few years, I realized that the business world is absolutely not mine. There is no place for a man in it – he explains on his profile on crowdfunding platform Patronite.

Piotr Łój is the founder of the increasingly well-known Virtual Dream Foundation, in which using VR He makes dreams come true for children suffering from cancer and lying in hospices. In addition, it supports neuroplasticity of people with disabilities through immersive techniqueswhich involves immersion in virtual reality viewed through special glasses.

After a few years I realized that the business world is absolutely not mine. There is no place for a human being in it.

Piotr Łój

O Virtual Dream is getting louder and louder. In Polish social media the news about “dream come true” has gone viral in recent days. Also in other parts of the world the innovativeness of Piotr Łoj’s actions has been noticed. of Piotr Łoja. At the invitation of the UN twice he conducted lectures and trainings on innovation in the service of humanitarian organizations. He established multiple collaborations with International Red Cross and with the largest hospital in IsraelSheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Piotr Łój makes other people’s dreams come true, but what is his own? Virtual Dream?

– My dream and goal is to build a stably financed center for development and research of the latest technologies in terms of their potential to support human life and to investigate the risk of destructive impact of these technologies on life and social relationships (depression, escapism, addiction to games and pornography, cyberbullying, substitutes for real interactions and relationships) – explains our hero.

Empathy is one of the key values that accompanies Piotr in his work. Modestly, he also hopes for the same from the people who support the activity in the sphere of VR. Any help from our side, we can be sure, will translate into making many people’s dreams come true.

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