Skype voice changer – which one is better?

Voice changer for Skype - which one is better?

Did you know that there is a program to change the voice in Skype? And not even one. Maybe it happened to you that instead of your girlfriend in the phone you hear a character from a cartoon? If not, you can try to do it yourself, using specialized software.

You can change your voice in order to make fun of your friend, moreover, this function can be applied during dating, ordering something in online stores. Although, if you are interested in this topic, then you know what you need it for. Now I’d like to look at a few apps that will change your speech beyond recognition, and you can download what works best for you.

Clownfish for Skype.

This utility is considered one of the most common ones that work in Skype. It is presented in Russian translation, there is no need to pay for it, the design is simple and concise, and the functionality is really impressive. Clownfish is designed to completely change your voice in Skype. You can use voice templates for men, kids, women, aliens, cartoon characters at any time.

In addition, you can even activate the sound background, for example, put your favorite music or add a chorus, echo. The software has an option to pre-listen to the recording, which will be heard by the interlocutor. It also does a great job with these functions:

  • converts incoming SMS to voice;
  • Will quickly translate SMS into different languages (incoming and outgoing can be translated);
  • will record the incoming call;
  • there is an audio player;
  • has an assistant;
  • will send a lot of notifications;
  • will connect chat-bots;
  • convenient settings, and more.
Changing your voice in Clownfish

The main advantages of the program – a huge number of necessary options, easy application, low power and memory consumption of the system, Russian language and accessibility. During the installation process, a shortcut appears on the desktop and an icon appears in the system. You can configure and view the characteristics of the utility in the menu of this icon. The only disadvantage of the software is that there are not many voice templates. Clownfish is suitable for those who need a simple product without the hassle.

To connect it to Skype, you need to go to its settings, click on the advanced settings and the button to control the access of other applications. In the window that appears, you specify the path to Clownfish.exe and check the “Allow this program to use Skype” box.

Scramby .

This utility is also suitable for changing your voice. It has a fairly large list of samples, background sounds, and audio effects. It should be noted that there is a pre-installed sound editor, which helps you create your own templates based on existing ones, and save these versions.

You will have to pay for the program, the developer’s version does not have Russian-language support, but you can easily find a third-party version of the application in Russian on the Internet. How to use it? It’s simple:

  • go to the settings in Skype;
  • choose the sound setting;
  • in the sub-item “Microphone” set Microphone.
Changing your Skype voice in Scramby

Scramby offers these options:

  • twenty-six built-in samples;
  • one hundred and thirty sounds;
  • changing the background settings;
  • music editor pre-installed;
  • supports keyboard shortcuts;
  • import catalogs of sound parameters;
  • import of audio objects in wav format.

Advantages of the application – a lot of possibilities of sound changes in Skype, easy to use, the design of the main window is very original. Of the shortcomings of the lack of an official version in the domestic language and the fact that you have to pay for the program (the cost of about twenty-seven dollars).

MorphVOX Pro

Another interesting product for changing the voice. He too is free, only conditionally and the Russian language is not supported. But it’s very easy to use, especially since there is a virtual assistant, which is called – Voice Doctor. Immediately after the initial startup, he makes the application auto-tuning, so that your voice is better perceived, takes into account the parameters of the microphone and make you an account. Other users can also make their own profiles, there is no limit on their number. Moreover, profiles in this utility can be created not only for people, but also for audio equipment. For example, if you connect headphones, different microphones, you can make each device a different profile. MorphVOX Pro has the following options:

  • The parameters are selected individually for each user;
  • multiple voices;
  • easy to switch between female and male voices;
  • sound effects;
  • preset ten-band equalizer;
  • you can add audio to the background;
  • there is a toolkit for voice tuning.
Morph Vox Pro

It’s easy to connect the modification software in Skype. To do this, you need to specify “Screaming Bee Audio Driver” in the sound parameters, not the usual microphone. Pros of the utility – the voice sounds natural, very flexible settings, you can add to the catalog of templates. Of the disadvantages can be called that there is no Russian localization, the validity of the demo version of only fifteen days, the price of the version from the company itself is high – about forty dollars.

It is worth noting that most of the options can offer the application MorphVOX Pro. But only an experienced user, who can distinguish a quality sound, can fully appreciate its capabilities. The programs if you want, you can easily download to Android and use them at your convenience on your smartphone in Skype.

Voxal Voice Changer

If you still want to find free software, this product is right for you. It supports a variety of applications related to sound, including functions in Skype.

There is a small minus – there is no Russian version. But this disadvantage is covered by numerous possibilities:

  • suppresses noise;
  • auto-selection of speech on the basis of yours;
  • sound quality is improved;
  • selection of settings and much more.
Voxal Voices Changer

As you can see, a voice changer for Skype, can be anything. There are paid and completely free versions with extensive functionality. Have you ever used such an application? If yes, which one? Write me in the comments and subscribe to blog updates.

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