Slow motion on Android: how to shoot such a video, top 7 apps and other ways

Every smartphone is equipped with a camera that can shoot video. For each shooting scenario, the manufacturers of mobile devices add special effects. They allow you to make the video more expressive and implement the author’s idea. In particular, there is slow motion shooting on the Android operating system. We suggest learning how it works, and how to slow down the video in case the camera app does not have the appropriate setting.

Standard tools.

“Slow Motion” – one of the main effects for video shooting, which is present on a wide variety of smartphones from Samsung to Honor.

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To activate slow motion, you’ll need to:

  • Launch the Camera app.
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to “Modes.”
  • Select Time Lapse.


By following these simple steps, you will be able to activate slow-mo video recording. All you have to do is to press the “Rec” button (red circle) to start recording, and the “Stop” button (red square) to end it. After that you will get a slow motion video, which will be displayed both in the “Gallery” and in the File Manager.


Note that the names of the menu items may differ depending on the smartphone manufacturer and firmware version. To find the desired effect, you need to examine the entire interface of the “Camera” application, where with a high degree of probability the necessary function is hidden. If it is still missing, then third-party programs can help.

Third-party applications

In case your smartphone camera does not support slow motion, you can still apply the slo-mo effect. To do this, you will need to install a special application on your mobile device and follow the steps described in the instructions.


A great application for slo-mo with different effects. The program is suitable for cases when the video is already ready and all that is left is to slow it down. To make it happen, take a few simple steps:

  • Install Efectum through the Google Play Market app store or any other source.
  • Launch the program.


  • Issue all necessary permissions.
  • Select a video clip.


  • Click the “Effects” button and then the “Slow” button.
  • Specify the desired deceleration strength (2x, 3x, and so on).
  • Save the result.


Important. When slowing down the finished video, the frame rate will suffer. The video will not be as smooth as it originally was.

In addition to slow-mo, the program will please you with other effects, be it video acceleration or playing the clip backwards. But the application has a number of disadvantages in the form of ads and watermark, which is superimposed on the resulting video. To get rid of unnecessary elements, you must subscribe for an additional fee.

Slow Motion FX

Another program that can slow down your finished video on your phone. Slow Motion FX works even on devices with Android 4.4 on board, which makes it one of the most versatile options. The slo-mo effect here is implemented in exactly the same way as in the Efectum app. That is, to slow down, you need to launch the prog, select the original video clip and apply the slow-mo option to it.


Alas, the Slow Motion FX app is also not without its drawbacks. No, the developers did not embed advertising and put a watermark on the finished video, but the software is distributed only on a paid basis. For free the program is available to Google Play Pass subscribers and those who decide to download Slow Motion FX using pirated resources.


Movavi Clips

The mobile version of the powerful video editor that can turn any mediocre video into a work of art. Slow motion is one of the many effects available in Movavi Clips. Slow motion is implemented here in the following way:

  • Launch the program after pre-installation.


  • Press the “Video” button and choose the clip of interest.


  • Press “Speed” and adjust the picture slowdown.
  • Save the resulting clip by pressing the same name button.


Movavi Clips was developed by a Russian studio, so there are no localization issues in the application. Another undeniable plus is the absence of built-in advertising. The only thing on which the creators of the application earn is the sale of the extended version of the editor. At the same time, the slowdown feature is also available in the basic version.

Video Speed

Unlike the previous application, this program is aimed exclusively at slowing down videos. There are no additional effects, but the utility itself takes up very little space on the internal drive and does not accompany the resulting clip with a watermark. Video Speed is the best option for those who need only slow-mo.


Video.Guru – Video Maker.

If you managed to shoot a video but could not use the built-in slow motion function, you can fix the situation with the Video.Guru – Video Maker. The application is available for free download on Play Store and has a lot of settings for those who want to show their creative potential.


Power Director

Another program that can be regarded as a powerful video editor. Power Director developers paid special attention to the functions aimed at correcting video defects. For example, in addition to slowing down, you can apply electronic stabilization in the case if the original video was shot without a tripod. There are also tools for cropping frames, as well as a lot of filters to decorate the picture.


Slow Motion Video Maker

A simpler application for those who do not want to dig among the extra features. To slow down your video, you just have to launch Slow Motion Video Maker, go to “Slow Motion Video”, select the video and adjust the strength of the slo-mo effect. The result is saved without any watermarks, but there are some ads inside the program that can be removed only after you subscribe.


Slow down YouTube videos

If you want to slow down not your video, but the video posted on the YouTube platform, you can use the built-in function of the hosting:

  • Open YouTube.


  • Start playing the video of interest.


  • Click the three-dot button.


  • Select the playback speed option and adjust the slowdown.


YouTube allows you to apply a slow-mo effect with up to 0.25x power. This is far from impressive, but you should keep in mind that even more serious slowdown can cause the frame rate to drop to too low a level.

Possible problems

In conclusion, let’s look at the main problems you may encounter during the operation. The first and most common one is the lack of a slowdown function in the Camera app. The problem is solved by editing the finished video through the editors discussed above in the material.

The second problem is the “stretched” sound when playing the resulting clip. Here you should understand that it is a feature of slowdown, which affects not only the video, but also the audio track. You can partially solve the problem by cutting out the sound using editors like Movavi Clips or Video.Guru – Video Maker.


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