Smartphone is overheating – what to do about it?

Temperature affects the proper operation of a smartphone. If the phone is too hot for too long, it can permanently affect its work. Where to look for the causes and how to remedy it when the problem notoriously recurs?


What if the device heats up without high air temperature or sunlight? It is then worth checking the accessories that are plugged into the device. It is possible that the cause is a new, non-original charger. Such equipment is not necessarily designed to power a particular model. It should be remembered, however, that using faster chargers than the given phone supports should not have a negative impact on the charging process. Newer and faster chargers have backward compatibility and adapt to the needs of the device. This of course only applies to accessories from verified sources. It’s worth asking someone else to use their charger for testing purposes. If the problem recurs, it means that the heating up is not the fault of the accessory and the solution needs to be looked for somewhere else.

If you haven’t changed your charger recently and you’ve been using the original one all the time, it’s worth checking if the cable is broken somewhere. A malfunctioning cable can negatively affect the battery life and increase the temperature of the device during charging. During the process itself, you should also avoid placing your smartphone on the bed, under a blanket or between pillows.

Improper use

Sometimes the cause of high device temperature is improper use. Playing on the phone while it is charging can heat up the phone a lot. Even if your smartphone is unplugged, be aware of what apps you are using. Some games or programs may be too demanding on the processor. This threat mainly affects lower-end devices. More expensive smartphones have better specifications and it is easier for them to handle games and programs. Accessories in the form of fans to further cool the device are becoming increasingly popular.

It is good to keep the hygiene of the device at the highest level. Therefore, you should always close unnecessary processes in the background, so that they do not burden the memory of the phone. Now almost every smartphone comes with a special program that shows the condition of the phone. It allows you to get rid of unnecessary files and closes applications that consume too much power.

If the device suddenly started overheating, it is possible that it is the result of malware. Viruses can hide in every link. Always be careful what you open and only enter hyperlinks sent by people you trust. Facebook messages from friends you haven’t spoken to in years that contain only a link are most likely a link to download a virus. If you suspect an external program, get an antivirus to clean up the malware.

Sun and Weather

First, consider what temperature is defined as “too hot” for electrical devices. Smartphone manufacturers most often warn against using phones when the temperature outside is outside the 0-35 degree Celsius range.

The first thing that comes to mind when a smartphone steams in the hand is, of course, prolonged exposure to high temperatures. The situation is most common in the summer, when the heat gives out. You need to be careful, because the high temperature can lead to the activation of special protections that will turn off the device and will not allow it to restart for some time. This situation can be prevented by taking care not to leave the phone in a sunny place such as a window sill.

However, if this happens, it is best to turn off the device completely and place it in a dry and shady place. After a while, its temperature should return to normal. Definitely avoid putting electrical appliances in the refrigerator or freezer to cool it down. If a situation occurs in which the smartphone turns off due to excessive temperature, you do not need to immediately run to the service. Most often it is enough to wait a while, and the device will be able to turn on again.


Often the reason for the heating of the smartphone is a worn out battery. Batteries in mobile devices have a certain life span. Older smartphones are getting shorter and shorter on a single charge. After about two years, battery life can drop dramatically from its initial performance. You don’t have to buy a new smartphone right away then. Just take your phone to a service center. It is important to make sure that the old battery is replaced with an original one.

Manufacturing defect

If the phone heats up from almost the moment you take it out of the box, we can deal with a manufacturing defect. Despite appearances, this is not that uncommon at all. Recently, many users of the Google Pixel 5a smartphone experienced a serious smartphone defect that led to the device overheating. The Pixel 5a heated up to a high temperature, leading to a special message and termination of current processes. This happened most often during high-resolution video recording. The smartphone was able to record in 4K for about 4 minutes before it overheated. Sometimes it is enough to hot day, that it is impossible to use the phone. In the case when the phone from the new is overheating, it is best to immediately go to the manufacturer’s showroom to file a complaint. The company should repair the fault or replace the device with a new model.

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