Smartphones OPPO 2021: rating of the top 16 novelty phones and what is the best to choose

OPPO is regularly on the list of the most popular smartphone brands in Russia and other countries. After 2008, when the BBK Electronics division released its first phone, the company’s performance has only been growing. OPPO in 2022 shows excellent sales figures, and their smartphones are constantly included in the rankings of the best devices. So today it is suggested to take a look at the most popular models that the brand offers to its customers.


A15 2/32GB.

Ultrabudget with a set of basic characteristics, which will suit those who are not looking for gaming performance, but only want to get a smartphone with a stable working interface.

An important advantage of the model is the presence of aptX codec for quality sound in wireless headphones. However, in general, the device was ambiguous due to the lack of NFC and dual-band Wi-Fi.


  • cost;
  • sound in Bluetooth headphones;
  • stable shell interface.


  • No NFC;
  • slow Wi-Fi.


A53 4/64GB

When considering OPPO’s best new products, this phone can’t be overlooked, as it brings a lot to the budget segment.

Yes, HD screen today nobody will be surprised. On the contrary, such a resolution at a diagonal of 6.5 inches seems insufficient, but the trump card of the A53 screen is the refresh rate of 90 Hz, by the way, not available even in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


  • The display’s sampling rate;
  • stereo sound;
  • uptime.


  • HD resolution of the matrix.


Reno 4 Lite.

Model of a higher level with a claim to the title of the best mid-budget, able to impose competition “peers” from Xiaomi and Samsung.

The model’s display has a high level of contrast and brightness. The processor copes with any task, including games, and the cameras do not fall flat. However, from such a model you would expect more impressive performance than one day of work without recharging.


  • AMOLED screen;
  • 48-megapixel photosensor;
  • performance.


  • Modest battery.


Reno 4 Pro 5G

The prefix “Pro” in the name of the smartphone suggests that this model can claim to be a flagship. True, with some reservations.

So, the performance of the OPPO phone does not reach the flagship level, and only a set of cameras with optical zoom confirms the premium nature of the device.


  • set of cameras;
  • body assembly;
  • the quality of the display.


  • autonomy.


A52 64GB

In the lower price range is a model that has become one of the most popular smartphones of last year, and in 2022 OPPO A52 looks confident against the competition.

The device features a good display for its price, as well as sufficient performance for basic tasks. There is NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi and multifunctional cameras for different shooting scenarios.


  • 4 cameras;
  • high-capacity battery;
  • FullHD screen.


  • Glossy plastic body.


A72 128GB

This phone differs from the previous model by its 48-megapixel sensor. Otherwise, there are no changes.

Speaking of the OPPO A72, it is important to note the presence of 128 GB of memory. However, for the stated price, 4 GB of RAM looks modest and even not enough for everyday use.


  • FullHD display;
  • a set of necessary interfaces;
  • photo capabilities.


  • weak “iron” for its price.


A5 (2021) 3/64GB

Even more affordable model that has on board the same “iron”, but in combination with a more modest photosensors and display.

Unlike the A72, the OPPO A5 (2020) justifies the price, but still has complaints about itself. Most of the buyer complaints are about the graininess of the IPS matrix, but otherwise the A5 does not give any doubts about its own capabilities.


  • Long battery life without recharging;
  • the system of four cameras;
  • performance.


  • Grainy display.


Reno 3 Pro 12/256GB

Pro version of the smartphone from the third Reno series. In 2022, the phone noticeably cheaper, due to which it can be recommended to buy.

The performance of the novelty is not inferior to more modern models, and the camera also has a telephoto lens with optical zoom. But once again there are complaints about the autonomy.


  • Photo and video quality;
  • AMOLED screen;
  • up-to-date chipset.


  • 4,025 mAh battery.


A91 8/128GB.

The model, which by all means tries to reach for the flagships. But the relatively inexpensive hardware makes the OPPO A91 look like a typical mid-range budget phone.

The phone charges quickly, and this can be attributed to its merits, but the battery capacity does not allow you to count on more than a day of work. But there are no complaints about the camera and the quality of the display. These components correspond to the price.


  • AMOLED display;
  • memory capacity;
  • The camera with a main sensor for 48MP.


  • processor;
  • battery.


A15s 64GB.

Inexpensive device that is an improved version of the standard OPPO A15.

In terms of features the devices have few differences, and only an improved selfie camera gives in A15s phone a little higher level, but not without “pitfalls”.


  • cost;
  • a set of photosensors;
  • good “iron.


  • No contactless payment support.


A53 64GB

Decent model for those who want to get acquainted with the new features available only in smartphones 2022.

Unlike its competitors, the A53 offers a smooth screen with higher hertz, and the presence of stereo speakers makes the sound not only loud, but also voluminous.


  • 90 Hz display;
  • battery life;
  • surround sound.


  • Screen resolution.


A52 64GB

This smartphone, although it came out before the A53, but in some aspects even surpasses the novelty.

So, the owner of A52 gets higher performance, a wide-angle lens for taking photos and videos, as well as FullHD-resolution screen. All this combined with current interfaces, including NFC.


  • Display;
  • performance;
  • wide-angle lens.


  • Unstable LTE reception.



A novelty, which has become one of the most affordable smartphones with AMOLED screen.

The phone is an optimal ratio of price and features. For a relatively small amount of money the buyer has a 48-megapixel camera, a good display, a high-capacity battery and a decent processor.


  • AMOLED screen;
  • 48MP resolution photo;
  • holds a charge for a long time.


  • 4GB RAM.


Reno 4 Lite.

Paying a little more, you can get an even more advanced model with good iron and quality display.

Reno 4 Lite set of photosensors corresponds to the average budget level, but in terms of performance it is ready to compete with devices a little higher level. Too bad, the same words do not deserve the autonomy.


  • display;
  • “hardware”;
  • photos and video.


  • battery.


Reno 5 Lite

An updated version of the Reno 4 Lite, which received a battery with increased capacity.

The other characteristics have remained unchanged, and for this OPPO should be praised. True, we should not forget that the price has remained at the same level and is attractive to the buyer.


  • AMOLED matrix;
  • Performance stuffing;
  • Frontal 32MP.


  • Mediocre widescreen.


Reno 3 Pro 5G 256GB

The 5G version of the popular model, which has some changes in terms of photo capabilities.

The 64-megapixel sensor has been replaced by a 48MP sensor, but this does not prevent the Reno 3 Pro 5G from being a good choice for shooting photos and videos.


  • Nice body;
  • camera kit;
  • 30W charging.


  • Battery capacity.


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