Sneakers – a new dimension of fashion

Streetwear has revolutionized and conquered the fashion world. Sporty clothing and footwear worn in everyday life were initially worn by few. For a long time, brands such as Nike and Adidas began to recognize this niche, but over time, the popularity of this style exploded, taking over even the world of high fashion – and for example, sneakers can be found in such prestigious fashion houses as Gucci and Balenciaga.

Sneakers - a new dimension of fashion

Sneakers are now the most popular type of footwear – both among men and women. The streetwear revolution is mainly due to the younger generations, but the trend is so pervasive that this type of clothing and footwear is being embraced by people of all ages. Social status and wallet don’t matter either – there are both very cheap models, available for everyone; and exclusive limited collections, designed for people ready to spend a lot of money on their shoes.

How to choose the right sneakers and what to pay attention to when buying? In this short guide we will try to answer these questions.

Choosing the right sneakers

Men’s sneakersbecause of their sports roots, boldly use modern technologies typical for sports shoes, significantly increasing the comfort of use. Whether it’s the cushioning foam, the stable and durable upper or the added support for the foot, these sneakers make walking a pleasurable experience.

If you have your favorite brand – it’s where you should start your search. Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance are the most popular brands for sneakers, but nowadays practically every modern brand offers sneakers – and brands like Zara and Reserved are also worth checking out.

Opt for muted colors and a lack of unnecessary details if you are looking for a practical and versatile solution that will work in every situation. If you like to attract attention or you want to express your rich, extravagant personality through your outfit – choose a design filled with interesting and intense colors, because these are the sneakers that arouse the most interest.

You would probably want to wear a different kind of footwear to college, another to work, and another to a party. Shoes work just like any other piece of clothing – it’s good to have a choice and have several different models that you can choose depending on the circumstances or just your mood. A futuristic design filled with vibrant colors may not necessarily appeal to your boss, but it can make a splash during a weekend club outing.

How to choose the rest of your outfit?

Part of the popularity of sneakers is that they go well with almost everything. So you don’t have to limit yourself to sporty outfits. A smart coat, tailored pants and sports shoes? You might have been surprised by this outfit in the past, but nowadays, it’s no surprise. Don’t be afraid to experiment and match your sneakers as much as you like, there are no wrong choices.

By pairing colorful shoes with more subdued outfits, sneakers will come to the forefront, attract the most attention and be the highlight of your outfit. Bold colors in both footwear and clothing are the recipe for a crazy, bold and defiant look that will catch the eye of passersby.

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