Spam bot Diskord: where to download and how to install it on a server, how to send it out

It’s hard to remember when spam was born. Maybe it came in the early years of the Internet, or maybe even earlier, because spam existed even through ordinary text messages. Web users despise such activity, yet it is still considered one of the best ways to attract customers. Even in Discord, a messenger with high user privacy protection, spammers have appeared. Let’s find out how spambots got around Discord’s defenses and what they’re good for.

What are the spam bots for?

Many people at the mention of the word “spam” remember those annoying messages that don’t carry any information load and mislead the user. It’s those same messages about “free” gifts and phony s for big brands. I think every Internet user has encountered such an affliction.


In fact, Discord spammers can also send such annoying crap (there’s no other word for it), but in Discord they are more often used to send promotional messages.

How do they work?

We answered the “why” question, now we need to understand the “why and how”. Indeed, why look for sophisticated solutions, configure them, check their performance (which is a bit problematic), and then disable them at the right time. After all, it’s much easier to engage in activities such as spamming yourself.


So, in fact, bots are not just spamming users’ PMs and general chats, but filter participants and write with some delay. Also, if a bot gets caught by Discord’s administration, chances are that it will go unnoticed.

Fortunately, no spammer is able to contact another account without shared servers until he sends a request to Discord. The algorithm of the spam bot’s work is as follows:

  1. The bot connects to the server through the user’s account.
  2. After that, it floods the channels with messages.
  3. Mentions all users if necessary.
  4. Parses users.
  5. Parses each of them in their personal messages.

When working quickly, such activity is interrupted already on the first point, but it does not always work.


Where can I download and install the spammer?

Note: the material below is purely of an introductory nature. The author recommends staying away from such PR schemes as unfair mailing.

There are far fewer spam bots than the same entertainment apps and auto-moderators. The fact is that it is more difficult to create a spammer because the principle of Discord prevents it. The bot first has to connect to the server, spar the data and then write to everyone. The spam bot has to wait for a reply so that it is not immediately recognizable.


One of these solutions is One Dash, which allows you to create a mailing list of PMs and chats. Let’s note right away: the application is paid. Instructions on how to use it (video) and setup can be found at To be more honest, the app allows you to do a lot of actions to create multiple accounts and automatically configure them. A one-month subscription costs 739 rubles. There is also an open-ended subscription, which costs 4,299 rubles.

Benefits of the service:

  • autoresponder with a set timeout;
  • availability of a black list, accounts from which will not be spammed;
  • constant updates;
  • wide functionality;
  • functions of randomization and invites.

The service registers new accounts, which means that it won’t fall under suspicion itself. A detailed list of tools can be found in the “Tool” section of the site.


Demonstration of work

To test the functionality, let’s try to spam (in theory, in practice we did not do so and settled on the button “Start”) a few users. To do this, install the program in the personal cabinet. Yes, by the way, you will need to register via email. Algorithm of actions for mailing through the server channels:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Login to it.
  3. Go to the “Mailing” section.
  4. Select “By server channel”.
  5. Select the server to be spammed.
  6. Set the parameters.
  7. Enter the text.

All that remains is to confirm the action and watch the server’s chats show up with intrusive messages. For users the algorithm is similar. Only you need to upload a file with the nicknames of users. The application supports the logging function. That is, you do not have to manually check whether the message is sent or not. Considering that you can’t check personal messages, this is all the more of an advantage. The installation file has been checked by Virustotal – no viruses are present, so feel free to download.

Are there any Anti-spam bots?

So, where there is a powerful weapon to attack, according to the classics of the genre, there should be a defensive tool that saves from the oppression of restless spammers. Before answering the question of whether there are anti-spam bots in Discord, let’s talk about how to manually secure your own account.

First, through the settings of the application, each user can limit personal messages. To do this, you should do the following steps:

  • Open the settings.

  • Go to the “Privacy” section.


  • Select “Protect me” in the message scanning settings.
  • Turn off private messages from server members who are not your friends.


Now all that’s left to do is configure the server. The easiest solution is to limit permissions to users without roles, and enable slow mode. In this case, even if spammers connect, they will not have enough rights to spam chat. Actually, this is the principle on which most spammers operate.

For example, the server owner can install ProBot, which allows to moderate servers. A good alternative is the Carl bot, which also does auto-moderation. If you need a more narrow specialization, it is enough to install Better antispam bot. Quite often the word “Better” is omitted. The installation link is:


Instead of a conclusion

As sad as it may sound, it is impossible to organize an infrastructure for communication and protect it from unscrupulous users, flooding chats with messages of advertising, obscene or provocative nature. The only salvation in such a case is the installation of control by the moderators and the owner.

And at this point we’re done,


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