Speed dialing on Android: how to install and set up speed dialing

Android smartphones have a huge number of features that simplify interaction with the device. At the same time, users are not even aware of the existence of some options, due to which they can not properly optimize the phone. For example, not too popular is the speed dial on the Android operating system, although this feature is as relevant as ever for those who often communicate by means of classical telephony.

What is speed dial?

Everyone has his own circle of communication, the size of which is conventionally expressed in the number of numbers from your address book. If you put a lot of subscribers in it, it will be difficult to find someone you need to make a call. It’s good if you remember his name, because in this situation the search option is ready to help you. However, those who can’t remember how they wrote down a number are the hardest to find a new caller in the list.

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But you can solve this problem, too. This is where the speed dial option comes in handy. It is implemented in different ways, but most often it is called the “Favorites” section in the phone book. Once again, note that this is not the only way to set up a speed dial. There are other options, which will be discussed in full later.

How to set up speed dialing on Android

The speed dial feature does not need to be forcibly activated in the settings of your smartphone. It already works by default on all devices that have the Android operating system on board. The only thing you need to do is to configure the option so that you can quickly access the desired number at any time.


The configuration is done in different ways. We have counted three main options, which are very different from each other. The first two involve the use of the device’s built-in tools, and the final one involves resorting to third-party software. Be that as it may, it is recommended to analyze all methods to choose the most appropriate one.

Through the built-in “Phone”.

The easiest way to make a number available for speed dial is to refer to the standard dialer. In this case, it is suggested to add the caller to the “Favorites” section:

  • Open the “Phone” application.


  • Find the desired number and tap on it.


  • As soon as the caller’s business card appears on the screen, click on the button with an asterisk.


Now the marked contact will be displayed not only in the list of all available numbers, but also in the “Speed dial” or “Favorites” tab (the exact name depends on the manufacturer of the smartphone). In this way, you’ll be able to access its dialing much faster.


Creating a shortcut

You can also create a shortcut on your smartphone to instantly call the contact you want:

  • Open the business card of the contact you want to call.


  • Press the three-dot button to open an additional menu.


  • Select the “Create shortcut” option.


After this, the icon of the contact will appear on the main screen, where it will be adjacent to the installed applications. Just tap the logo to call it.

Via third-party applications

Finally, you can install a special application on your phone to make the feature work. As an example, consider DW Contacts & Phone:

  • Download the app via Play Market.


  • Launch the app and allow access to your contacts.


  • Select the desired subscriber.


  • Confirm the use of the number for the instant call.


After all the manipulations are done, you will be able to dial the desired person through the special tab of the DW Contacts & Phone app. It’s a great option for those whose ringtone is deprived of such a function.

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