SS IPTV for LG Smart TV: how to download and install the application, configuration

A variant of IPTV with the name SS for LG Smart TV receivers was created specifically to allow the owners of products of this brand to freely view interactive content. The application is simple to set up, and it’s easy enough for a housewife or a schoolchild to work with it. The only important condition is an Internet connection. Then download the required software, install it and start enjoying the benefits of digital television.

Why do you need the SS IPTV (Simple Smart IPTV) application?

Simple Smart IPTV is considered the best client for watching interactive content. This opinion was reached by IPTV users in CIS, Europe and South America. 7 years ago, the application was nominated in the LG Smart TV Apps Contest.


In fact, SS IPTV is a platform for organizing the user’s interactive leisure time. A real multimedia center created by LG engineers. Thanks to the intelligently built architecture of the application, the viewer has access to on-air and Internet viewing, videos from hosting sites, from social networks, cloud services.

All this can be seen with SS IPTV. It’s much more convenient to have one universal application at hand than several highly specialized ones. The developers are constantly improving the program interface, making it easier and friendlier.

IPTV works with playlists (lists of TV channels) in m3u format. This is a common standard that is used in many similar applications. Compared to over-the-air programs, this method has many advantages:

  • viewing online broadcasts;
  • access to archives;
  • HD video.


Moreover, IPTV is absolutely free. The user only pays for Internet access. The provider doesn’t charge you for the channels you watch. Playlists are formed in such a way that they contain broadcasts by specified topics: culture, sports, 18+, fauna, movies, cartoons. Playlists are constantly updated.

There is a lot to choose from. The only serious disadvantage that the owner of LG Smart TV can face is the unstable operation of the application with a weak Internet.

How to download and install the application on LG TV

First of all, to download it, you will need to have an active Internet connection. Next, you should perform a number of simple operations:

  • Log in to the proprietary LG Content Store.

LG Content Store

  • Select the desired software.

LG Content Store ss iptv

  • Begin installation.


  • Wait till the end of the process, run the program.

Under the brand LG produced Smart TV on two platforms – NetCast (former name) and WebOS. In the first case, the store is called differently, LG Smart World. The operation algorithm is similar in both cases.

There is another way. It requires a flash drive and a computer (laptop) connected to the Internet. Also go to LG Content Store, download the program in the archive. Then you need to unpack the downloaded file, save it on a USB flash drive. When the operation is completed, the flash drive is connected to an available port on the TV.

Then we press the “Home” button in the main menu and select the “My apps” tab. The system must be sure to recognize the device, otherwise nothing will work. When the TV “sees” the drive, you should open it. In the directory we find the desired item, start the installation. When the installation is complete, the SS IPTV application is ready to work.

Configure and work with SS IPTV

When the installation of the required application is complete, there is only one little thing left – to download the playlist. Without it, the playlist will not start. There are two types of playlists – external and internal. Let’s start with the latter ones. A playlist is a special list that combines IPTV channels depending on the viewer’s preferences.

The internal list is available to download from the official website of LG Smart TV. What to do:

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Go to the “General” section.
  • To access the broadcasts, click on the “Get code” button.


  • Enter the password you received (it is disposable and lasts for 24 hours), download the playlist.

Playlists are downloaded from the resource But before downloading, you must register. After that, go to the user menu, enter the previously obtained password, and click add device.

The “My Playlist” shortcut should appear. All lists will be saved in this section. But, when a “new” list is loaded again, the “old” one will be deleted. More playlists must necessarily be in m3u format.

Loading external playlists is done in the “Content” section. It is available to download any lists, if they are present in the network. You need to click the “Add” button, then a form for entering data (link, name) will appear. It remains to save the playlist by clicking the appropriate button.


Remember that the number of external playlists is unlimited, while the internal one is always the only one.

Solution of problems with playback

The SS IPTV application works by default if there is a normal Internet connection. If the playlist is not playing, then something is wrong. It may be a wrong installation of the application (corrupted archive). Or the downloaded playlist is not in m3u format. You should carefully study the documentation of the TV, where all the characteristics are listed, and find out which playlists are supported with which extension.

It is advised to pay attention to the encoding. It should be UTF-8. Among others, there are problems with the WebOS platform, which does not have the Multicast option. In this case, you should specify “Convert UDP to HTTP” in the network settings. You will also need the IP address and port data. After that the broadcast should work.

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