Syntax error in Android package parsing

Syntax error on Android

The Android operating system is currently one of the most popular on smartphones, tablets and other devices. This feature is due to many factors, one of which is a rich collection of applications.

In addition to all this platform has an open source, so the developers can easily get access to it in order to improve its functioning. In the case of the need or desire to change the operating system the first thing a user will pay attention to the number of programs, and then make a final decision.

Despite the great popularity and demand these days, various malfunctions and errors can occur in the operation of the system, which are often encountered by users. Today we’re going to learn what a syntax error is and get a detailed tutorial and some ways to fix it.

Syntax error in the phone


Causes of syntax error

Users had to face the syntax error many times back a long time ago. It makes itself known at the time of installing any program on the smartphone and means that it is not possible to carry out due to a problem related to syntax analysis. The first thing to do before fixing the problem is to understand the causes of the problem.

To date, there are several conditions that may provoke its appearance:

  1. Manifest-file Changes have been made in its structure. For instance, the requirements to the operating system version have been changed.
  2. Files of the format .apk files have been deleted or corrupted.
  3. Unknown applications from unsecure sources have been installed on your smartphone without special permission.
  4. The version of the operating system or hardware was not compatible with the requirements of the program to be installed.
  5. In the security settings, the function to block the installation of third-party applications has been activated.

How to fix

You do not necessarily need to contact an expert to fix a syntax problem. Every user is able to cope with this malfunction on their own. There are five simple ways to fix it, listed and described in detail below.

Allow installation of third-party applications

Allow the installation of third-party applications

Based on basic security rules, each device automatically prohibits and prevents installation from third-party sites. The reason behind this procedure is that unknown files can harm your device and all the data on it. The problem can be corrected by bypassing the ban.

You can do this with just one action, which is to intentionally activate the option and allow files downloaded from third-party sites to make changes to your device.

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Click the security tab to another menu.
  3. Find “Unknown sources” and check the checkbox to allow downloads from these sources.
  4. Again, go to the menu where your file is in the specific format and install it.

USB Debugging

Debugging via USB

It is worth noting that this method is not one of the main ones for fixing the arising error. In spite of that, a large number of users claim that they have managed to cope with the installation problem thanks to it.

Before starting the operation, it is necessary to activate the developer mode on the phone and then perform the following actions:

  1. Enter the main settings menu.
  2. Go to the tab that provides information about the device.
  3. Go to the bottom of the screen and click seven times on the build number. This will bring you to Developer Mode, which will be notified by a special notification.
  4. In the settings menu, go down and enter the Developer menu.
  5. Go to the USB debugging section and confirm the action.

Checking the manifest file

Checking of APK file

This method is only suitable for those users who have modified files through special programs before. If you have modified the file AndroidManifest.xml has been modified in any way, you need to restore its original state. Before proceeding, you should check for changes in the file with the name .apk. For example, if you intentionally renamed the file, you will have to return its previous name. After changing the name, check to see if the error has been resolved by installing any app. If the result is negative, then the problem is most likely caused by errors in the program code. Detecting the cause is quite difficult, since there are no universal ways to fix it.

Checking the APK file

Checking the APK file

Another cause of the problem is considered to be damage to the file. It can be fixed by elementary checking its integrity and functionality. Perform a download .apk file again so that it is fresh. Make sure to install the whole file: pay attention to the size of the downloaded and uploaded file. One of the underlying causes of syntax analysis errors is downloading in parts rather than whole. In that case, the problem lies in the file itself, which means you need to download another one from a different source.

Scan for viruses

Checking for viruses

Syntax-type errors often occur as a result of an anti-virus blocking the installation of important files. They often prevent installation because they consider the program to be potentially dangerous and suspicious. Therefore, in the case of installing .apk file is installed, you can safely declare a problem with the antivirus application. In this situation, it is recommended to disable it for a while while the application is being installed, and later re-enable it. If you correctly identified the cause of the error, the installation process will bring an exceptionally positive result.

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